Dr. John McDonald

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Dr. John McDonald

Postby Cora » Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:29 am

just putting this out there, I have heard good things about this doctor out west. If any others have, I'd like some feedback

[color=#8040BF]Onset PN/PFD/centralized pain in Oct 06 after years of athletics,nursing career and dog training. PT for two years with improvement, now go for tune-ups and pain management. Stopped Cymbalta, was on M.S. Contin, then Kadian, and briefly Methadone for pain management, now off those meds and pain is well managed with Buprenorphine. Followed my pain management specialist.
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Re: Dr. John McDonald

Postby curious1 » Wed May 08, 2013 7:51 am

He is a very nice person. Caudal epidural Injections are $500 per shot, cash. He treats everyone with P.N. the same way, weekly caudal epidurals. Recommends minimum 8-12 shots. This injection scares me. I had a brush with it a few years ago administered by someone else. Thank God the effects of heavy legs and spinal pain were not permanent. It can paralyze you, not a joke!
I did not have the bucks or belief that it would work. Concerned about scar tissues forming from so many injections on a weekly basis. I had two but it did not help. This type of injection is not effective for coxydinia type pain, like pain with sitting.
It felt like an assembly line treatment. Quick diagnosis by hand, quick injection by hand, no visual guidance. He is a very experienced injectionist but I need more then this type of treatment has to offer.
I would be also concerned that repeated injections in the same location can cause arachnoiditis in some people which is untreatable.
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