Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

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Re: Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

Postby Ray P. » Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:50 pm

What does Dr Dellon do that Dr Hibner does not do?
Ray P.
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Re: Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

Postby lightmail » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:52 pm

charges cash and cuts both ligaments.
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Re: Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

Postby Ray P. » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:48 am

What is the reason Dr Hibner does not cut both ligaments?
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Re: Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

Postby stephanies » Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:23 am

Dr. Hibner cuts and then repairs the ST ligament to help with pelvic alignment and stability post-op. Dr. Dellon is a neurosurgeon who developed his own PN surgeries (kind of like Dr. Filler) rather than learning surgery from other PN surgeons. You can search for Dr. Dellon's name on the forum and read more about him from his patients' posts. He also does not participate in insurance plans.
PN started 2004 from fall. Surgery with Filler Nov. 2006, Dr. Campbell April 2007. Pain decreased by 85% in 2008 (rectal and sitting pain resolved completely), pain returned in 12/13.
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Re: Questions about Dr Dellon in Baltimore, MD.

Postby goon44 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:57 pm

Just wanted to post a little about my experience recently with Dr. Dellon.
I have had this issue for a over 10 years and the PNE diagnosis off and on. When I got an x-ray guided PN block from Dr. Zhou that really worked I was excited that we had finally figured out the source of my pain. With twins coming in February, I was ready to rush into surgery and just have it resolved. Unfortunately, as many of us know, it isn't that simple.
I got an MRI and met with Dr. Dellon at his office. My read on him is that he really does believe his surgery will help. I don't think he's selling something he doesn't believe in. After being on the forum, I asked if I could talk to some of his successful patients and he said for legal reasons that wouldn't be possible. I've had other doctors do that in the past. Obviously, you need to gain the permission of past patients before you can introduce them to prospective patients, but it certainly isn't illegal if you have their permission. However, maybe he didn't totally understand what I was asking but I didn't want to push it. BIG RED FLAG #1

Once again I asked if I could potentially get worse from the surgery since I'm about a 7/10 and can function with discomfort for the most part. If it get's much higher though, I'm in big trouble. He has reassured me multiple times that none of his patients have ever gotten worse. There are multiple examples of that on on this forum not to mention my pain doctor knows of a patient that got worse. BIG RED FLAG #2

He did provide me with a two email testimonials of past patients. One is for PNE decompression surgery and another isn't even for the surgery I would be getting. I have no idea why he sent that to me other than to lend credibility to his general surgical skills. The PNE patient was 18 months out and felt some relief but also complained about being in agonizing pain for many months after surgery. Not a clear cut success story for sure. My overall impression is that he has had success using his techniques with entrapped nerves in other parts of the body and really believes he can apply those techniques successfully to PNE decompression. I don't think he's just trying to rip people off. However, I think if he compiles a rigorous and complete data set on his surgical outcomes for PNE, the results would be disappointing at best. The thing is, no one can actually know unless he does something like that and publishes. That is BIG RED FLAG #3

I've decided for now to pursue less invasive options like neuro stimulation and maybe radio frequency. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Good luck everyone. Keep on keeping on.
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