Any Hara chair users here?

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Any Hara chair users here?

Postby egley » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:39 pm


Is there anyone here who owns a Hara chair and would like to comment?

I have been in touch with and they have 2 in stock.
The warranty is for only 1 year!?
This is a very expensive chair ($1000 with shipping). I would expect the warranty to be much better than that.
This makes me suspicious.
The Aeron chair I bought 20 yrs ago had a 13 year warranty, and you can buy one for about $700 today.
My wife now uses the Aeron chair and it is still good as new.
Although the original design of the Hara chair is from S. Korea, it appears that these are being built in China from a yoland post, so I am concerned about the quality (my apologies to all Chinese). Couple that with the 1 yr warranty and I am concerned this thing will be broken quite quickly.

Anybody here who owns a Hara chair and can comment?

Thanks so much,
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