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Re: Cusion seat for driving

Postby kathyd » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:15 pm

Hi folks,
this is an updated post (I wrote a few years back on my search for a cushion that prevents my anal area from touching the surface of the seat, esp. for driving.. My health and activity level has improved since I lasted posted about this.. I now am almost 30 lbs heavier (an ideal weight) and have natural padding in my butt.! LOL
I 'm much more active due to the good work and encouragement of a savvy PT. I can dine out , and attend events and am thankful.
I have a cushion concoction that works ok, (a' Tush -cush' with opening in the back and an inflatable bubble cushion. I've also tried a round Roho toilet seat shape one. n I have a ton of them, including the Theraseat. But after driving I still am in agony for awhile until I bounce back to baseline pain. BTW I kneel on the cushions, I don't sit directly ..

I have improved and all my medical providers urge me to continue being as active as possible to get my brain used to 'sitting 'again.
BTW I don't have classic pain is muscular and aggravated by fear.! ( at this point I truly believe fear of pain causes it for me. So I am different.

So I ask if there is anything new available for people with butt /anal pain,and suggestions on how to be less fearful. ( It is hard to banish all the fearful things Ive read over the years, even tho I know intellectually that they don't apply to me. But my. brain is still frightened!
Thx for any suggestions.

Merry Christmas to all.
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