Desperate for a Cushion or an Office Chair! Please Help!

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Re: Desperate for a Cushion or an Office Chair! Please Help!

Postby Dusty_in_Hope » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:37 am

Hi Kathy

I've never heard of a Marvel cushion and did an Internet search and couldn't find it at all (the only 'Marvel' cushions were ones with comic strip on them).

Is this the horseshoe cushion that you also mentioned? ... 7554p.html
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Re: Desperate for a Cushion or an Office Chair! Please Help!

Postby david s. » Sat May 07, 2016 12:13 am

My two favorite cushions are the firmest from Cushion Your Assets and the large,executive cushion with a cut-out approximately 12" X 4" in the middle from McCarty's Sacroease. Good luck.
david s.
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Re: Desperate for a Cushion or an Office Chair! Please Help!

Postby » Tue May 23, 2017 2:32 pm

I have suffered from pudendal neuralgia since 2003 following a bladder suspension surgery and am VERY pleased with my office chair and cushions purchased from Carmichael Throne. I have purchased dozens of cushions over the years, used a kneeling chair for four years until the cartilage in my knees became so damaged that I cannot stand to work, and been through 3 Hara chairs over the years. I contacted Mr. Carmichael and asked that he modify the standard 2 1/2" gap between the seat cushions on the office chair that I ordered to 3 1/2" and I have never had such a stable, sound position from which I can complete an 8 hour day's work.
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Re: Desperate for a Cushion or an Office Chair! Please Help!

Postby kathyd » Wed May 24, 2017 4:09 am

Thank you Pbelt,
for your response re: the Carmichael Throne.
Im sorry for all the suffering you endured through the years with other chairs, but glad you finally found something that works for you!
I too have a closet of useless cushions, including a couple of expensive Roho type cushions.

It sounds like the manufacturer can customize the Carmichael cushion /chair to your needs. Sorry if I wrote this already
My worst pain area is right at the anal opening; I think my sit bones still hurt as well, as when I kneel on my current cushion adaptations, I have after pain there too. (sit bones is where My pain started , and later moved to rectal area , which just throbs in my case due to constantly tensing my pelvic muscls ( from fear of pain or guarding against It)
I can't seem to just let those muscles go, tho my providers tell me that would be a big step towards healing for me.

Thus, can your sit bones' hang free' as well, with just your thighs taking the pressure off the seat. I assume so from your post?
I would love for both these areas to be suspended so that I could "sit" and let those muscles relax without pressure..
Thx again and i will call the Carmichael folks (Dan Carmicheal?) for more info.
I appreciate you quick response. I pray that I will find a solution as getting out and living normally saves my sanity. Just want to do so without the after-pain
Thx so much for your quick response, I wish you well.
Best wishes!
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