Suitable cushion for recliner and/or zero gravity chair

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Re: Suitable cushion for recliner and/or zero gravity chair

Postby david s. » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:41 pm

I use the double "Wondergel" cushion, for my Lafuma portable zero gravity to distribute my weight away from sensitive spots when outdoors or visiting a friend. I simultaneously use a firm (hard plastic) back support with soft, polyurethane foam and fabric cover to support my SIJ, which was weakened by a Houston, Tx. surgeon, who destroyed my sacrotuberous & sacrospinous ligaments during pudendal nerve decompression surgery. In my home, I use a Backsaver zero gravity chair, which I find much more comfortable than the portable zero gravity chairs (Lafuma makes the best of these). I see Backsaver is currently out of stock.
david s.
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Re: Suitable cushion for recliner and/or zero gravity chair

Postby Dusty_in_Hope » Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:07 am

Thanks for sharing what helps you be more comfortable, David. I have heard other good reports re the wondergel cushions; they now export them to the UK (where I am) so I might get one of those :)
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Re: Suitable cushion for recliner and/or zero gravity chair

Postby egley » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:37 am

I just wanted to add a tidbit on massage chairs (zero gravity or not).
There are 2 kinds of basic massage chairs I've discovered. The latest are called L instead of S.
S is the original style. The shape of the track the rollers follow is an S shape following your spine.
The L tracks fold around and come underneath your legs, so that the rollers can massage your butt.
IT tends to leave an indentation in the middle - nice perhaps for PN sufferers.

I have been looking at a model at Brookstone) and it is similar somewhat to the toilet seat. There's not much pressure where it tends to irritate my PN. But I would prefer to try it out for a very long time, which is pretty much impossible in the store.

I have been very tempted to get one, but the cost stops me, and the fact I'm not sure it would continue to satisfy once I sat in it for a long time. This one at Brookstone is around $3K. :( But they keep putting it on and off sale, usually around 3-400 $ cheaper.
I've found some less expensive L-tracks around (Amazon and ebay), but I really don't want to spend that kind of money (saw an OSIM for ~ $1700, but one has to pay shipping and a 15% restocking fee to return it) without being able to actually sit in it first.

Right testicle pain started ~2005
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Neuro-stim (~2012); pain pump 13 or early 14.
Pump removes leg spasms (from neuro-stim surgery) but only maybe 25% of PNE pains.
Still hunting for the holy grail of 0 pain from PNE.
Prialt and fentanyly in pain pump (10 bolus/day allowed); Oxycodone (4x/day)
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Re: Suitable cushion for recliner and/or zero gravity chair

Postby kathyd » Sun May 14, 2017 8:38 pm

Hello to Dusty and everyone!

Sorry for not answering ur last question, but I have stayed off the boards for a long time!
Hope you are all doing well.
Dusty, about the Roho LTV cushion, it's a rectangluar cushion sectioned in air pockets.. you can see a pic of it if you google Roho LTV cushion, as Im sure you have probably done by now! You can inflate it to your preference with a pump that comes with it.
I don't use it much any more since my anal rectal opening is my pain area and I have to use a cushion that allows the area to not touch it.

BTW I like your idea of a commode...Could u pls. tell me more about what it looks like? Is it low to the ground?

I picture the commode my elderly mom uses next to her bed so she doesn't have to walk the bathroom etc.
Is there a picture I could google?
If can sit comfortably on a toilet then maybe ur commode idea would work for me.
As of now I.m still using my cheap "tush cushion" over a bubble/waffle cushion when I go places, I kneel on them but its not ideal as It digs the sole of my feet into the sit bones..
Thanks for any info and Happy Mother's Day ladies!
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