Sitting, what worked what didn't

Here we can discuss difficulties with comfort in sitting and normal living - cushions, bicycle seats, car seats, work stations etc.

Sitting, what worked what didn't

Postby Erik Voight » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:15 pm

Just a little PSA here and wanted to share my triumphs and failures for cushions.I have spent so much money and wasted time before finding what worked for me and wanted to pass on that knowledge. I have suffered with pudendal neuralgia/pain for years and years, it's gotten better but only with management, proper stretching, sleep. Before I thought about using any kind of cushion to sit on I tried an inflatable ball and that was a no go, it really didn't do anything for me, it was a waste of money. Then I got the idea that perhaps I could use a kneeling chair so the pressure would be on my legs so I purchased something like this. ... hair&psc=1 But that was a really bad idea and made me hurt more, don't do it as it's going to make you hurt!

I cant' tell you how excited I was when I saw the Kabooti with the center cutout. I so wanted to love it and ordered two right away. I was really let down by how hard it was, so I gave it a chance anyways and it really made my sciatica act up, pretty sure it's because it was so hard. I had to return them. Lastly it's nothing I would take out on the town, when I was sitting on it at work I had to hide it under a towel. Such a pain.

I tried this and this worked better, but it still failed in the end. ... atchtype=e
Here was the rub, I had to alter it because the channel was not wide enough for the sits bones, once I cut out foam it seemed to work a lot better, however unlike the kabooty it was way too soft so I sunk in. When I sunk in the foam under need started to put pressure on my pudendal nerve, of course I couldn't return it because I cut the heck out of it.

I got one of these cushions your assets twin cheeks cushions and it was one of the better cushions, it was adjustable, meaning the pads can be adjusted for width, which I liked, but it is big and bulky, as well when you look inside the foam is not the best, especially for the money, and it was one of the more expensive options. But it does the job for a little while and allowed me to sit for a longer period of time. I just wish they had a better foam that didn't break down so fast, like I said otherwise one of the better options if you can keep it at home or somewhere stationary. I still have mine in the closet however. ... -LP103.htm

As I stated in another post I couldn't be happier with my theraseat, IMHO the best cushion out there for people who suffer like me. A therapist up in the Seattle area told me about it years back but I didn't buy one then because of the price, I wish I had. At first I ordered an oval which worked nicely but I figured I would order another and gave the round a try. I'm a bigger guy so the round fit me better, they let me do an exchange after trying the oval. The foam is really nice and soft but keeps me supported. The only down side of the theraseat is the cost, I wish they could come up with a cheaper price but it's still a little less expensive than the twin cheeks. That said I want to buy more and have them at arms length all the time, it's better than hurting all the time.!/T ... ort=normal :D :D

I hope this helps and God bless :D

Erik Voight
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Re: Sitting, what worked what didn't

Postby rainbowbutterfly » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:42 pm

Thanks for this post. I'd like to add that the Waffle Gel Cushion is what I've had for 4 years now and couldn't live without it. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond (US) I cannot do hard surfaces even for a little without a huge flair up. This allows me to sit for hours at a time.
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