Pulsed radio frequency ablation of the pudendal nerve

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Re: Pulsed radio frequency ablation of the pudendal nerve

Postby kathyd » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:46 pm

Thx Violet,
Yes If there are docs in NYC who do ablation Soho/Obgyn may know of them.
I haven't seen them in over a year, so I can't say if they are still as focused on pelvic pain since Dr. Deb Coady retired, but I assume they are, due to the large volume of patients, and that their practice was geared to the gyne-cologicial issues women face, (such as pain),
more than to obstetrics.
I heard they recently hired a young female doc to replace Dr. Coady.

I am currently checking on gyne care in my NJ area, as my PT recommended someone local.
A doc mentioned ablation to me today in passing, with regards to another patient who had it done here at a local NJ hosp.-outpatient center.
It's good to know for those who live in the NJ suburbs that we don't have to travel to NYC ... if we are considering the above.
However I am reluctant at this point to try more"procedures", for the time being, ...as most have either been unsuccessful or just not for me.
So time will tell.
warm regards,
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