How did you get SSA Disabilty?

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Re: How did you get SSA Disabilty?

Postby helen1000 » Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:49 am


I have got it despite initial denial. They deny you if you do not have certain diseases from special list, kidney failure, for example. Or if you are younger than 50. They like to initially deny you generally speaking.

Go to or or both. Find SS lawyer in your area that has good reviews and hire him or her.
Carefully collect information about all doctors, medicines, tests and provide it to lawyer. Some of them can request testimonies from your coworkers, relatives etc.
I provided list of time off paid and unpaid that I took last 2 years.
It will build your case.
Include not only PN but other conditions as well. Like fibro, spinal problems, hip, shoulder problems, SI joint dysfunction.
Be honest and accurate in your court day.
For instance do not say 'I cannot sit' but 'If I sit I will suffer from pain several days'. Not 'I cannot drive' but 'I have difficulty driving long distance because of pain and distracted attention due to medicines that I have to take to control pain'. If you do something say so but highlight that it happens rarely etc. Talk about your trials. For example, I tried to stand and it only gave me bad back, I tried to work from bed but it gave me abdominal spasms. Remember you have to prove that you cannot work in any industry doing any job. Not just occupy your usual position.

Good luck,

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Re: How did you get SSA Disabilty?

Postby jep » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:57 am

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Re: How did you get SSA Disabilty?

Postby Gina H. » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:40 am

Hi Faith,
I hope you still receive messages since this is an old post I'm reading and replying to. I was noticing that you have Bilat FAI. Did you ever get that fixed? I have it also or I should say had it. I had right hip surgery 9 wks ago. I also had PN. I had that fixed per allografts of Stemcells in FRanklin, TN. My hip surgery was done in Nashville. The hip disease may be why you were or are not improving. Would glad to give you more information if you need it. With both you are definitely disabled but you don't have to stay that way!!
Gina H.
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