unexpected weight gain

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unexpected weight gain

Postby kathyd » Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:30 am

Hi folks
I have a somewhat strange question.
I have always been genetically underweight, Before this chronc pain illness I weighed about 114lbs at 5'6". My max weight was about 117lbs prior to my pregnancies..Anacollege kids who pigged out with my friends, I never weighed more than 125...and then only for a while.
My weight dropped again after graduation as I began my first job in NYC..I was happy and busy at the time.
After my 3rd child's birth in 2000 I was down about 114lbs -give or take.-----where my weigh stayed, until this pain illness in 2006.
I am small built with - a small frame, as are my family members , we are not built to carry a lot of weight...we are long and lean,
For us it has always beenh ard to gain weight. Just the way God made us.

Due to the bladder/pelvic floor issues and thenthe sitting pain-- and not knowing exactly what was wrong with me,... over the years, my weight dropped dramatically to a scary level of about 95lbs.
After a while I gained a bit back and stayed at approx to 100lbs give or take..this went on for s few years as the pain continued..I was worried so I couldn't gain...another trait in my family.
I have had an intrathecal pain pump implanted in my belly since 2013, with no change in weight, uitil 2015.
We changed to dilaudid and bupivicaine in my pump sometine back (in 2014).. can't remember exactly when but several months to a year ago.
BTW this combo has not helped much with pain. I am seeing my pain pump doctor this week to re-access, discuss options and the next steps.
I started with a great PT (very smart in the field of pelvic floor dysfunction) In the fall.
S \he feels that tho I still have pain ...I am making progress. My pelvic floor looks much better, I am driving once or twice a week at her encouragement (thothe after-pain can be brutal depending on how far i drive etc...Eventually it wears off and I rebound, but must wait a few days etc.
To my surprise in approx. the last 2 -3 months or so, Ive been gaining weight...I look healthier than I have in years!
I have my butt and my hips and back again, and a layer of fat in my belly that now really covers that pump and pushes it out so much that I can't zip up my pants. just a fee months ago in 2114 my pump didn't seem to get in the way of my jeans.
Now only one pair fits and I have had to buy very large sizes to accommodate the now protruding pump....My butt is bigger too!
My weight seems to keep going up, gradually but steadily . I noticed I was about 110 lbs, awhile backl
-- my nurse is very happy...within what seems like short weeks I've kept gaining and now gotten up to 116.5,
higher than my weight before my pain condition! Each day when I step on the scale i seem to weigh a pound or 2 more.. Weird!
Don't get me wrong! Im happy about this..Maybe the added weight is a sign that Im getting better
My PT and nurse think so! They bothbelieve it is the case! They have been with me awhile and are my big supporters so I trust them very much.
My hubby thinks I'm nuts to worry...when something good is finally happening!
But... its weird thats it happening so fast now? My nurse feels its more gradual than me...she keeps all my records on file, so she must be correct.

My belly looks "fat" to me and as a worrier I wonder if I have taken on fluid or if there is weird some health problem that has caused this?Believe me it is a small belly, but Im not used to this! My gain is everywhere as well tho..My face is fuller, Im not drawn or sunken in the face anymore. I look like myself again!...despite the ongoing pain.

The obvious reason could be-- the meds in my pump are causing the weight gain, but why all of a sudden when they'be been in my pump for a long time ?
I must admit my appetite is stimulated more... maybe the meds are giving me a sweet tooth!.. which is new to me, as for most of my life I didn't crave sweets, but now I sure do!
Ive found some sweet treats that I spread on healthy foods (like fruit and bran muffins and eat them daily).
I eat a LOT of raisin bran muffins, as I work hard to prevent constipation from the opiate meds. These large muffins along with the spreads I use with them I assume are pretty caloric.
Ive never counted calories before, so all this is new to me.I must also add that I often eat a late night snack --which can add lbs.., but I try to keep it very small as I hate the feeling of going to bed with a full belly.

Not complaining...I just thing its strange to gain so quickly and wonder if its something I should be worried about. I know it sounds nuts!
Any thoughts ...
These past few days ever since Thursday's PT session and the painful drive home..my bladder has flared with constant urge and feeling of bloating. and tightness in belly.My bladder had been fairly stable for awhile,so this scares me. But my bladder issues can vary with no rhyme or reason, so my nurse always replies .."that's typical for YOUR bladder!" She is great, but has no clue what this feels like.
My PT is always crazy busy and never responds to texts or emails but waits till our next session,, about a week away from now.

BTW my PT feels as did another excellent PT group I saw out west in CA a few years ago, that I DON't have IC or PN and never have,..but rather anal spasms from pretty severe pelvic floor dysfunction, worsened by years of IC/PN research, after being mis-diagnosed by docs who just weren't well trained in pelvic pain, and put me through unnecessary procedures --even surgery, as I was so eager to find "answers and pain relief, Meanwhile I worried, clenched my pelvic floor and worsened my pain, when I should've relaxed and trusted that maybe it would just remit on its own!
Thats my story..
Sorry to complain about minor weight gain!
After years of suffering with pelvic pain, it's hard not to worry about the 'why' of things, and just think of it as a good thing!
Any thoughts would be appreciated> Has anyone gained sudden weight on their meds--- pain pump medd or oral meds?
Thx in advance everyone for once again listening... I so appreciate your response.
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