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Postby Lily721 » Mon May 25, 2015 4:08 am

Hi all
I've been meaning to post again. I was on the board maybe a year ago. My brain feels a little bit scrambled most of the time but I wanted to say that I was put on Seroquel to help with sleep and lo and behold it did affect my pain levels. I had a tiny affect from Wellbutrin in 2011 and now this. I figured it's worth mentioning for anyone who might want to try it.

Now, the end of the story is that I couldn't stay on it. Side-effects were too severe (it made me very sleepy and very hungry - like eat everything in sight hungry - even at the lowest dose 25mg's) I just felt completely out of it. I'd take it and pass out sleeping for 2 hours and then wake up with a racing heart, starving and scoff everything down and then be cold for 2 hours and shivery. You know the side-effects must have been severe for me to give up the only thing that's ever really affected my pain at all. I'm sensitive to medications but there may be someone out there who CAN take it. My psych gave it to me and to my utter shock it decreased my pain. We looked it up and turns out it was used in a fibromyalgia pain study so there is some kind of connection there with it and pain. It's an 'atypical antipsychotic' I don't have bi-polar but as an adjunct to the Wellbutrin (and for sleep issues) she said it was safe and could sometimes help with severe depression (which I have thanks to 3 decades of pain)

The decision to go off of it was hard and there are days I think I may start it again...

Anyhow, I couldn't not tell everyone just in case there is one person out there this can help. There are people who can tolerate Seroquel so maybe it can be useful to someone.

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