Are there any known women who has had Cyroablation?

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Re: Are there any known women who has had Cyroablation?

Postby marcyjaslow » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:48 pm

Hi April,

He did bilateral distal and proximal PNE blocks. It helped a little, but I'm right where my pain originally started and now on pain meds daily to get through work or long weekend that's require me to sit. I was definitely icing throughout this whole process. He was trying to cover more of the PNE with the proximal ablation, but it did not work. I'm going to see Hibner in October, but also wondering about amniotic injectable allografts.
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Re: Are there any known women who has had Cyroablation?

Postby stephanies » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:01 am


I hope your pain has lessened and you are starting to see benefits from the second cryo. Dr. Prologo told me improvement could come anytime in the first 6 months, but he said that quite a while ago and maybe he has adjusted the time frame since he has had more patients and gathered more information. Just to add a little more information about the stem cells, I had a phone consult with Dr. Jarnagin and his office a while back and he is not a fan of cryo. My understanding is that he is willing to try stem cells post-cryo, but he can't really make any guesses as to results and if you might have improvement because the nerve has been damaged by the cryo. Stem cells can help with damage and repair, but they can only do so much and the cryo complicates the process and may potentially make it less effective or not effective at all. Was your proximal cryo done before the nerve enters Alcock's Canal? Dr. Jarnagin injects the stem cells into Alcock's. He likes to do Botox at the same time, although I think that can make it difficult to tell which one helped if you have improvement. I have been in touch with a couple of people who have had the stems cells and had some improvement in their pain. I am thinking about doing it, but after being promised the world and ending up disappointed by cryo last year, I am burned out on doctors, new treatments, unknown risks, etc. I suspect I would be better off now than I am if I had avoided all surgeries, nerve blocks,other injections, Botox, cryo, everything.

PN started 2004 from fall. Surgery with Filler Nov. 2006, Dr. Campbell April 2007. Pain decreased by 85% in 2008 (rectal and sitting pain resolved completely), pain returned in 12/13.
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