pain med recommendations

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pain med recommendations

Postby kathyd » Thu May 11, 2017 7:42 pm

Hi Folks
Hope all are doing well.
Just 2 quick questions. I have pain with sitting and standing.. My issue is a bit different than many folks on this site.
but I do get some similar symptoms.

What medications have been helpful for you in reducing pain with sitting to a tolerable level.. so that you can do normal activities without high level pain levels during or after?

Also can anyone recommend a pain management doctor you like in the NY - NJ metro area?
I live in central / suburban NJ about 25 miles from NYC..I have a doc in Hackensack, NJ but have not found him to be that knowledgable in pelvic pain.
Tho he is kind).. Also the drive to see him is long, and he usually spends the usual 10 -15 minutes with us before rushing us out the door.

I know it's hard to find pain management docs who are knowledgeable and/or interested in treating chronic pelvic pain.

From all I've learned it takes a team approach for the best outcome in pain relief.
I have a great physical therpist who has helped me more than anyone. I gained back much needed weight,eat normally and became active again, through her good work and emotional encouragement and re-assurance (very important in my case, as my pain is highly stress driven).
I also have a good pain psychologist.

But recently it seems like we have stalled a bit progress -wise. My pain has gone up and I don't recover as fast from activities.
Not sure why, but it may be medication related.
Hence I'm looking for any recommendations of medication for pain, and tight spasmed muscles( the latter is the source of my pain.
Thx in advance!
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