DRG Neurostimulator (Dorsal Root Ganglion)

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DRG Neurostimulator (Dorsal Root Ganglion)

Postby Gretel » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:53 pm

Has anyone tried the DRG Neurostimulator? This is new to the USA though it has been used in Europe some 9 years or so. I believe it was approved in the USA by the FDA in 2016. It stands for Dorsal Root Ganglion. It targets an area of the body that causes pain. It is similar to the old stimulators, (but without the bothersome pulsation) in that it has a trial period of several days to check whether it works for you, then if it does and you are able to handle it, the permanent one is implanted.

Please let me know whether anyone has heard of it and what you think about any research you are able to read about on this subject.

It is almost 3:00am Tuesday morning. I can't sleep due to pain. I have taken the allotted amount of pain medication and neurontin. I hurt so much I can hardly stand to take the next step. I had a steroid injection last Thursday. Does anyone know anything I can add to the pelvic floor specialist and exercise? Please. please, help.
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Re: DRG Neurostimulator (Dorsal Root Ganglion)

Postby Violet M » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:45 am

Yes, I've heard of it. My understanding is there is a doc in Cincinnati, Ohio who has done it on about 10 PN patients and John Carter on this forum posted about it. I have a friend who is trying it and I am waiting to hear some more results on it.

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Re: DRG Neurostimulator (Dorsal Root Ganglion)

Postby nyt » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:59 pm

Dr. Carrillo and Dr. Benjamin in Rochester, New York were going to investigate this with Dr. Markham in Rochester, New York. Dr. Carrillo has left Rochester and has moved to Florida. I will see what I can find out what the status of this is when I meet with Dr. Benjamin.
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