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Dr Michael Durtnall

Postby Marwa B » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:19 pm

One day in November 2016, Spine mangled and eyes ridden with migraine pain, I dragged myself out of bed. I felt the incessant compulsion to go to the bathroom, that had been plaguing my pelvic area for years now, and with it, a tinge of hopelessness. My days revolved around waking up early, hours before everyone else, to use the bathroom (several times), do back and neck stretches, and wait for the pain medication to kick in. I took digestive enzymes with every meal, and a cocktail of painkillers every morning. I bumbled along around my symptoms, which were extensive to say the least, determined to have some kind of life. I was always in pain, but I resigned myself to it.
Over the past five years, after a fall on the coccyx, I’d developed severe pelvic pain, discomfort, and a relentless need to use the bathroom without ever feeling any relief. I had shooting pain down my leg when I walked. I always had nausea and indigestion, sometimes I could barely keep food down. I had chronic shoulder pain, blinding sudden migraines and numbness in my hands. After a several vague medical diagnosis including; IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Gastroparesis, which led to a long and futile list of medications; Buscopan, metoclopramide, codeine, diazepam, omeprazole, tramadol, citalopram and micralax, to name a few. The doctors had written me off, and to be honest so had I. I knew that my back pain was probably the root cause of all my issues. I had been seeing chiropractors on and off with varying degrees of success, although none of it lasting, it proved my theory. I was sure it was all connected, but no one seemed to be able to piece it together or cure me.
I took the mild relief I got from chiropractic adjustments and tried to manage as best as I could.
On this particular day, I was being dragged to see a new doctor. Tired of watching me suffer, my partner decided to step in. He’d spent the days prior, emailing and calling clinics all over the world, and trawling through reviews. I appreciated his enthusiasm, but I was hopeless. I couldn’t imagine what anyone else could do for me, after all chiropractic is chiropractic right? And I was already doing that. He booked me an appointment with Dr Michael Durtnall at The Sayer Clinic. I went along, only really to shut him up.
From the moment I met Dr. Durtnall I knew he was different. He immersed himself in everything he did, frantically x-raying me and pushing and prodding and assessing every aspect of my spine and posture. He was like a mad scientist. After a thorough assessment, he said: “Don’t worry, we can fix you.” I was floored. I’d only ever heard doctors talk about managing my condition. He told me that I had Pudendal Neuralgia. Finally, this odd, embarrassing, and life-ruining set of symptoms had a name. Over the next few weeks I went to see him religiously, we worked on my pelvic floor, my posture and muscles, and unbelievably but surely, the symptoms started to dissipate! Years upon years of agony, started to dissolve with every visit. Michael had no interest in managing anything, he was going to cure it!
As I write this now, a few months later, I am essentially SYMPTOM FREE. The slight twangs I have here and there are mere drops, to the ocean of debilitating pain and suffering I used to experience. My life absolutely revolved around symptoms, they governed every part of my day, and now I’m free. I’m slowly starting to exercise again, I eat out with my friends, I think about other things aside from pain meds and going to the toilet! I learned that not all Chiropractic medicine is created equal. Dr. Durtnall is a leader in this field, and The authority on this subject, no other clinic in London and possibly the world, has this level of understanding when it comes to the spine, pelvic floor, and Pudendal Neuralgia. Its evident in the pleasant nods we exchange in his waiting room, his patients’ eyes are always full of renewed hope, as are mine when I look at life now. If you are suffering, stop, there is hope out there, go to the Sayer Clinic and get the right help, this is what they do.
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