Tramadol no more

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Tramadol no more

Postby Erica1711 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:55 pm

I am familiar with this forum for some years but only recently I have decided to become a member, so I can share my might be of help for the PN sufferers. There are 9 years since my TVT (tension-free vaginal tape) surgery for a wrong diagnosed urinary incontinence, when they pierced or irritated my left branch of pudendal nerve. Since then, I was in a roller coaster: sometimes in agony, sometimes feeling ok, even practicing yoga...During these years I took different painkillers, I had a decompression surgery in Zurich with prof. M Possover in 2012. Last year was the worst one, the pain was so bad that I had tramadol 3 times daily plus other painkillers and, in addition, I called ambulance a couple of times for IV treatment. I had acupuncture for 3 months, I had many sessions of neuro-modulation therapy with a Scrambler device, I tried hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy but what really worked for me was the therapy I got in Sayer Clinic in London ( At the clinic, I got treatment from dr M. Durtnall and pelvic pain physiotherapists Sofia Ornellas Pinto and Marta Dias De Oliveira. It was painful and uncomfortable but it worked miracles for me! It was the very first time when things happened exactly how the doctor told me they would. Indeed, for the first week after the therapy, I felt a bit down but slowly I started to feel better and I reduced gradually the painkillers. I received the treatment in september and then in november and now I am so happy and grateful to tell I no longer take tramadol or other painkillers. Equally important, I have learned from these amazing people to pay attention to other symptoms in my body, to my emotions and my thoughts and to the relation between them, to be more kind and gentle with myself. So, so grateful!
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Re: Tramadol no more

Postby jpequeno » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:34 pm

Is the "neuro-modulation therapy with a Scrambler device" similar to a spinal cord stimulator? My doctor is always open for suggestions and treatments. I keep a running list for when I go see him.
Pain began 2007, surgery 2008 - Dr. Ansell in Houston, TX, severely damaged nerves on both sides and entrapment areas
No relief from surgery, possible PN years before pain began
PN most likely due to extreme exercise
SCS - 95% pain relief, removed due to multiple infections
Accupuncture - no relief
Botox - relief only 2 of 3 months of injection
RF Ablation - no relief
Current: Butrans Transdermal patches, compound cream, other usual PN meds
Pain relief typically 60-70% with new meds
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Re: Tramadol no more

Postby Erica1711 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:12 pm

The scrambler device is rather similar to a TENS one, used in regular physiotherapy...I wished it worked for me (the clinic that uses it is my country, Romania)...but I was more than lucky to find out about Sayer Clinic, had an appointment and after 8 horrible years, loaded with painkillers, I started to feel better and slowly got rid of medication. It didn't happened overnight though, I payed 3 visits to Sayer Clinic, during 5 months. I had to accept that it took like 30 minutes to ruin my health (the TVT surgery) but to heel my body is a process that took time.
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