Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

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Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

Postby healinfeelin » Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:54 pm

Hello all

Im new here, having some horrible pain issues.

Basically after trawling the internet for hours Iv come to realise the best investigation to have done is the 3T MRI under Dr Potter.

What is the best most comprehensive investigation scan etc that we can have done here in the UK, or possibly europe??? Is there such a thing where we can have a scan done here then sent to Dr Potter for interpretation. Ultimately which method is the best here in the UK for us to find out exactly what is going on, whether it be be scarred tissue, entrapment, ligamnets, varices etc.

Im having a normal lumber/sacral MRI done soon on the NHS. Could this shed any light? Is there anything I should mention before the scan?

Thankyou for any replies.
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Re: Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

Postby dougal » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi there,
did you get an answer to your question?
I would also be interested in getting a Potter scan done here in the UK.
I had one of Dr Filler's MR Neurography scans done in London last year but would like some sort of comparison.
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Re: Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

Postby helenlegs 11 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:08 pm

Hi to both of you and welcome :)
In the very early days Dr Potter did view other scans but now, by all accounts, people don't actually get to even see her to ask questions, and haven't done for some time. You would get a full report however. There was a thread here some time ago about the difference or preference of which scan is best. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1439&hilit=mri+vs+mrn
The answers tend to be varied. There are also plenty of posts about scan results and what they may mean, especially Hollis potter ones. There is no guarantee that any scan will show problems, unfortunately.
If money was no object I would go for Hollis Potter personally but I would have to make sure I wasn't going to be too disappointed if nothing did show to explain the pain. If it does show something, excellent, of course. I know Dr Hibner was very excited in the beginning and found a few patients who did have the pathology Dr Potter had highlighted in her reports. That excitement seems to have waned with time, it seems some improvements would be a more ideal. This imaging is still in early stages of development. At least with Dr Fillers you also do get a clinical examination which is the most important for a diagnosis in my opinion. Well I think you do, or is that an extra cost?
What did your scan and report say dougal? Did it explain things at all?
There are a few people on here who have had one or the other and some who have had both, so hopefully they will comment. I am only saying what I have read as I haven't had either, sorry.
Take care,
Fall 2008. Misdiagnosed with lumber spine problem. MRN June 2010 indicated pudendal entrapment at Alcocks canal. Diagnosed with complex variant piriformis syndrome with sciatic, pudendal and gluteal entrapment's by Dr Filler 2010.Guided piriformis botox injection 2011 Bristol. 2013, Nerve conduction test positive; new spinal MRI scan negative, so diagnosed for the 4th time with pelvic nerve entrapment, now recognised as Sciatic, pudendal, PFCN and cluneal nerves at piriformis level.
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