Physiotherapists in Cheshire

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Physiotherapists in Cheshire

Postby Poppy » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:14 pm

Hi all; haven't been on here in months since my osteopath cured my PN (as long as I'm careful sitting). When I last Dr de Mello, he told me about two physiotherapists in Cheshire; both female, who were wonderful at treating PN. I'm certain they were both also listed on here but I've searched absolutely everywhere and can't find them. I have a friend who is now going through this hell and would love to be able to tell her who these two ladies are. I'm pretty sure one of them is called Tamsin Brookes in Bakewell but I can't find the other one. Can anyone help please?
I was supposed to go back to Dr de Mello on Jan 2nd but it's now been postponed twice and my next attempt is now April.
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Re: Physiotherapists in Cheshire

Postby Geraldine » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:20 am

Hi Poppy

Have you tried looking on Under the manual therapy heading you will see a list of physiotherapists. I'm not sure they are all PN aware but they should all be aware of pelvic floor dysfunction. The physio you mentioned is on that list so you might be able to find the other one. Hope you are successful.

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