Pudendal pain treated by Sayers Clinic

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Pudendal pain treated by Sayers Clinic

Postby Isabel » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:14 pm

I am just writing a message to share the improvement I have experienced
After childbirth I struggled with pain in my urethra and vagina - very sensitive on skin contact and ruinous for my sex life
After months of getting nowhere on the NHS I found Sayers clinic
I have been going since July (so about three months), seeing Dr Michael Durtnall and Pelvic therapist Marta Dias de Oliveira in tandem.

It has involved intensive physio of the muscles around the area. It is tough to have such intimate treatment but the positivity, care and professionalism of Michael and Marta has been a real source of strength to me. I have improved dramatically - all of the skin irritation has gone and I have regained sexual function.

Their approach is something that needs to be discussed more widely in the medical community, because it seems to work - and its results when it does are life changing
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