Review of Dr Durtnall

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Review of Dr Durtnall

Postby Bluebell55 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:38 pm

Having seen 5 gynaecologists and 2 pelvic physiotherapists, I was becoming desperate when they were unable to help me with the pelvic spasms, sacrio iliac joint pain and interstitial cystitis. Life was becoming unbearable. I couldn't bend down without a stabbing pain in my groin, I had burning, tingling sensations radiating from my lower back to my pelvis causing sciatica in my legs. I also had the intermittant PGAD which was distressing and embarrassing as I couldn't tell anyone. I was told that the doctors could find nothing amiss and there was a suggestion it was psychological.
Fortunately my husband discovered Dr Durtnall's clinic and I made an appointment that week.
The X-rays showed scoliosis, a coccyx that was becoming fixed in one place and a twisted pelvis. These conditions impacted on the pelvic organs causing me continual pain. I had had vaginal trigger release therapy with the other pelvic physiotherapists but it did not have lasting effects. Dr Durtnall adopted a much more thorough massaging technique which really released the tight myofascia which had been causing the spasms.The next day I was amazed that I felt such a reduction in pain.
I also had my coccyx manipulated to increase movement so I can sit down more easily. The PGAD sensations have abated and although I still need more treatments, I am confident that I can recover. Dr Durtnall is easy to talk to and unlike the other health professionals I saw, understands what people with this problem are going through. I thoroughly recommend him.
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Re: Review of Dr Durtnall

Postby Alan1646 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:26 am

I wonder if you might be kind enough to answer a few questions about your post. I'm sure readers would be interested in your answers. You state that you saw "5 gynaecologists and 2 pelvic physiotherapists". You must have been examined and referred to the specialists by your GP, so perhaps you could say which hospitals you attended. It is dumbfounding that your GP and five gynaecologists examined you and found no scoliosis, and nothing wrong with your coccyx, isn't it? Did anyone at any point diagnose Pudendal Neuralgia? Having seen five specialists, could you please explain why none of them saw fit to order any X rays or an MRI?

You also state: "there was a suggestion it was psychological. Who made that suggestion? Was it one or more of the specialists who examined you? If so , did they refer you for further assessment and treatment?
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