Sayer/Durtnall treatment

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Sayer/Durtnall treatment

Postby megi69 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:28 pm


just my experience so far...

pelvic pain, bladder pain, urinary frequency, vulval/clitoral pain, muscle spasm, electrical shocks,… for about 1 year. hypertonic pelvic and hip muscles for a very long time (as i know now). issues started after first intercourse and a bladder infection.

seeing dr. durtnall, marta and karolina. after about 6 treatment sessions improvement of 30%!

they want to help people there. fix the whole thing, not just things down there or blocking nerves, taking pills etc. they change your posture, how you walk, move. they ask question about what is going on in your mind. they get in touch with the fight-flight mechanism. and they have excellent knowledge… best that i’ve seen so far.


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best, xx
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Re: Sayer/Durtnall treatment

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Re: Sayer/Durtnall treatment

Postby megi69 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:16 pm


4 months after beginning of treatment: 70% improvement!

the tight muscles are still tight but much less than in the beginning. and i start to feel this tightness and the dysfunction... so my brain finds connection again.

i am back to having sex. it doesn''t hurt anymore. i don't feel my bladder no matter what position. i am back to sleeping weel and deep.

my bladder is still sending signals and bothering me... but it's more annoying than painful. clitoral pain is totally gone. sitting is uncomfortable half the time. sometimes not at all anymore.

physiotherapy, the continuous massages, coccyx manipulation and chiro treatment, trigger point release sessions, changing my posture (!) and home exercises (breathing, relaxing, a bit of stretching and fascia mobilisation and having sex) all together helped me to get that far.

find out the reason why you are clenching everything down there... or at least try to do so. the brain plays such an important role! activate mechanisms that change the habit of tightening all the time (deep breathing, meditation and hands-on Sayer treatment). gradually the brain learns to let go of the tension.

and change your posture!!!!

xxx, magdalena
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