My PN journey with Dr Michael Durtnall (Sayer Clinic)

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My PN journey with Dr Michael Durtnall (Sayer Clinic)

Postby Eloise » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:39 am

I could hardly wait to post this review of the unbelievable results I have experienced after just one week of treatment for pudendal neuralgia by Michael Durtnall at The Sayer Clinic.

In terms of my journey so far: I am 27 and a few months ago injured myself doing a lunge at the gym. I realised immediately it was nerve damage (as I had slipped two discs when I was 13) but this pain felt different. I have spent the last few months unable to work doing the rounds of expensive Harley Street surgeons. They initially insisted that the pain was from my previous back injury (even though this hadn't bothered me for years), but as my symptoms worsened they couldn't explain them. I was getting increasingly frightened as my pain grew out of control (I could hardly walk and was in constant agony which was making me yell out loud at times) and I wasn't getting answers. First I had injections in my spine and then my knees, which were expensive and to no avail. Another surgeon said the problem was that I was too highly strung (I was obviously anxious about my condition) and as a result my central nervous symptom had gone into overdrive. He prescribed me Lyrica which at one point made me go deaf and my symptoms were still deteriorating. Worse still, his diagnosis made me feel like I had done this to myself. After three A&E trips due to side effects from various treatments (including a terrifying stomach bleed), I Google'd my symptoms and when I read about pudendal neuralgia I knew this had to be at least part of it. My heart sunk as there is so much coverage of the horror stories and it felt like a life sentence at 27. I was already severely disabled and the thought that this condition is progressive and my pain could actually increase was unfathomable.

I found Dr Durtnall's details on Pudendal Hope and booked in the next day. I was a total state when I arrived, in agony and terrified. He was immediately different to the other doctors in that he really listened and was so sympathetic to my condition. He x-rayed me and diagnosed me with pudendal neuralgia. He also picked up a trapped nerve in my spine that the Harley Street spine surgeons had missed, and explained the implications of a birth defect in my spine (lumbarisation of the S1 joint which has caused a number of follow-on issues which are interlinked with the PN). He assured me that my condition is absolutely fixable and that I would make a full recovery in a matter of months (the issues with my spine adding time to but not preventing the recovery). Initially I was skeptical given the terrible PN stories I had seen online and my pain levels, but after just one session of manipulation of my spine, coccyx and pelvic floor I was able to walk smoothly out of his office and down the road. I couldn't believe it. It was pouring with rain but I didn't care - I hadn't walked for months and I felt like I had been given my life back to me. I have seen him everyday for a week now. On Wednesday it took me 1h30 to walk to the clinic. By Friday it took me only 40 minutes and it was an enjoyable walk.

I can't believe how far I have come in a week. There are times when I am walking that I have no symptoms at all which I just couldn't have imagined a week ago. I have a few months of recovery ahead but overall I feel 50% better. Dr Durtnall focused a lot on my posture as well as the manipulation, and people have already commented that my body shape has changed. I also feel so much better emotionally - firstly for having a sympathetic audience, but also for the encouragement I receive in every session. I no longer blame myself for this injury and in fact I see it as a blessing - I understand from Dr Durtnall that due to the birth defect in my spine this most likely would have blown up when I was heavily pregnant and he assured me that if I see him when I am expecting we can take the precautionary measures to ensure that doesn't happen!

I think it is so rare for a doctor to have such a genuine academic passion for their field alongside such a fantastic level of pastoral care for patients. He is truly a gift to the medical profession. I really don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't have found him. I was so far beyond breaking point and Dr Durtnall said he worried when he saw me that I was just days away from being admitted into hospital in agony (which would have landed me back with doctors who didn't understand my condition). I told him I was already worrying about him retiring but he assured me he is never stopping!

I will keep you posted on my recovery but I was so keen to share this in case there are others out there despairing and not knowing which step to take next - a week ago I was at the lowest moment of my life and I feel like I have had my life given back to me.
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