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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 9:46 pm
by Mod4
When you registered with this Forum you have agreed to the following.

We as the Administrators & Moderators would like this online community to be successful in its mission to promote and support the interests of Pudendal Neuralgia Education, in order to do this it is necesary for all members of this site to follow certain morals and ethics.

Our Rules are:
1. Respect for each other - and accept that we can disagree at times.
2. Discuss and debate important issues without personal attacks.
3. Express differences of opinion using factual statements and reasoning without arguments.
4. "Agree to disagree" when an impasse is found.
5. Be supportive and non-judgmental to others and try to reflect on how our statements might affect another member of this Forum.
6. Bearing in mind we are all in pain, please try to see things from the other person's point of view.
7. Hidden agendas are not permitted.
8. People communicate differently, depending on their cultural backgrounds which is fine, as long as the above are abided by.

Code of Conduct Rules
Rule 1. Respect other member's privacy:
A. NEVER share sensitive or personal information given to you via PM, email, phone. Please ask permission of the person who shared the information.
B. NEVER make assumptions or insinuations about people, members or otherwise.
Rule 2. NEVER abuse your position as a member of HOPE.
Rule 3. ALWAYS forgive - We are all human and can make mistakes.
Rule 4. ALWAYS be willing to "agree to disagree" when an discussion reaches an impasse.
Rule 5. NEVER use sarcasm, obscenity, or "attack language" against other members. "Attack language" can be defined as straying from maintaining a professional, respectful dialogue, and attacking another members personna, intelligence and or emotions.
Rule 6. ALWAYS respect the requests and actions of Moderators when discussions reach difficult points.
Rule 7. Please be aware that Moderators of this Forum will take action as necessary whenever they deem a breach of these rules has occurred.

The Moderators and Administrators of HOPE


PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:10 am
by Mod4
Notice to All Members of Pudendal Hope

Please take time to read our Code of Conduct and note that we as Moderators and Administrators of this Forum will take disciplinary action when we see fit if our rules are in breach. It is in everyone's interest to abide by these rules and show respect for other members privacy.

We trust you will all agree to these rules.

The Moderators of