Can nerve pain travel up?

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Re: Can nerve pain travel up?

Postby HerMajesty » Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:02 pm

helenlegs 11 wrote:So HM has the sciatica disappeared altogether with tarlov removal? Wonderful if so :D

Yes it has, if this were only the "leg board" and not the "pudendal board", I would be a miraculous surgical success because I have no leg or foot pain and I can do my two mile daily walk again without hurting myself.
Unfortunately I still do have pudendal neuropathy, which has improved a bit; and I have cut my meds way down, so things are moving in a positive direction. I am not going to investigate any other interventions for two more years because a lot of patients do not get the full benefit from tarlov cyst surgery until 2 to 3 years post op, and I am only at 6 months so I still have plenty of time to recover fully from pudendal neuralgia.
The legs do feel awesome :D
pelvic pain started 1985 age 14 interstitial cystitis. Refused medical care from age 17, did GREAT with self care for years.
2004 PN started gradually, disabled by 2009. Underlying cause SIJD & Tarlov cysts
improved with PT & meds: neurontin, valium, nortriptyline, propanolol. (off nortriptyline & propanolol now, yay!)
Tarlov cyst surgery with Dr. Frank Feigenbaum March 20, 2012.
Results have been excellent so far; but I won't know my final functional level for a couple of years.
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Re: Can nerve pain travel up?

Postby helenlegs 11 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:52 am

That is so good to know. How justified must you feel after all of the medical runabout you had, quite apart from the pain relief of course.
Sensible decision re any further surgery too.
H :)
Fall 2008. Misdiagnosed with lumber spine problem. MRN June 2010 indicated pudendal entrapment at Alcocks canal. Diagnosed with complex variant piriformis syndrome with sciatic, pudendal and gluteal entrapment's by Dr Filler 2010.Guided piriformis botox injection 2011 Bristol. 2013, Nerve conduction test positive; new spinal MRI scan negative, so diagnosed for the 4th time with pelvic nerve entrapment, now recognised as Sciatic, pudendal, PFCN and cluneal nerves at piriformis level.
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helenlegs 11
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Re: Can nerve pain travel up?

Postby reckless » Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:49 pm

I had some internal work done today. The therapist said the muscles next to my hip are extremely tender. These muscles feel better after a massage but shortly after they start hurting again. Especially if I stand in one position too long. Prior to all the debilitating problems I'm now facing I had bad hip pain that I never fixed. My therapist and I believe my hip and rotated pelvis are the root cause, it is probably putting pressure on my back, causing the burning sensation in both legs when sitting down.

So I will focus on fixing this via stretching and the osteopath.
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