Let's Help Educate!

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Let's Help Educate!

Postby PNSurvival » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:11 am

Let’s Make A Difference -- Call For Submission

We are creating a book that we are calling, “The Pudendal Neuralgia Survival Guide.” It will consist of patient stories, essays by doctors and physical therapists, a medication guide, and a list of the tools we use to help ease our pain.

We will be publishing the book as an e-book and as a paperback. The book will be free as an e-book and proceeds from printed books will go to PudendalHope.com.

We will be sending copies of the book and/or the link to the e-book to doctors, physical therapists, educators, and colleges. Our goal is to make doctors, future medical providers and the general public aware of Pudendal Neuralgia, the symptoms and its treatments.

To do this, we need your help! We all talk about how we want to make a difference. Here is our chance…

We need you to share your Pudendal Neuralgia story with us. You can write whatever you feel comfortable sharing. If you aren’t sure where to start we have created a PN Question Guide that you can email us to receive. You can share everything and anything you want!

We also understand that many of you may want to help but aren’t comfortable writing. We can help. You can answer the PN Question Guide and we will write your story from the questions you fill out. We will then send the story back for you to review. Email us to find out more.

This is not a writing contest!!! We are here to help you if you have writers block or any questions along the way. We will be editing your essay’s so don’t fret over grammar and spelling. Our goal is to create the best Pudendal Neuralgia awareness book that we can.

Essays are due by: Wednesday December 12, 2012 (but we won’t be upset if you get them to us earlier :D)
PN Question Guides that we will be turning into essays are due by: Wednesday November 14, 2012

Please email: OurPNSurvivalGuide@Gmail.com

(for conversations on the topic visit the Pudendal Neuralgia Support Groups on Facebook)
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Re: Let's Help Educate!

Postby janetm2 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:03 pm

Please post the PN question guide here, I am not on facebook. I may write my own but the questions could help me as the writer as it would you.
2007-08 pelvic muscles spasms (per colon-rectal dr.) treated by ElectroGalvanicStimulis(EGS). 6/27/10 sat too long on a hard chair- spasms, EGS not work Botox help, spine pain dr cortisone shots in coccyx help, still pain, PT found PNE & sent me to Dr Marvel nerve blocks & MRN, TG left surgery 5/9/11. I have chronic bunion pain started/surgery at age 21. TG gave me back enough sitting to keep my job and join in some social activities. I wish the best to everyone!
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