mri of buttocks

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mri of buttocks

Postby river133 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:25 am

It has been 3 years since I had my tg surgery with Dr.Antalok. My pudendal pain is decreasing slowly. I am able to sit as long as I am on my meds for a half hour at the most.
I had surgery with Dr. Chambi on each side for decompression of the sciatic, pudendal., peroneol, pfcn. I am still having a lot of pain. Dr Chambi suggested I have a mri of the buttocks, I did last week here in Mn. The clinic called a while ago and said the MRI is normal, nothing around the sciatic, pud
endal or sacrum. So how do I explain my pain to my gp.? I am not one to make up pain. Please help me , Iam feeling so helpless again.
Surgery Jan.05 2011 TG with Dr Antalok. Dr.Chambi May of 2012 showed injury from a fall on back, 11 years ago. My piriformis muscle caused a large amount of fibrosis .My sciatic nerve was growing through the piriformis muscle which caused a bifid p.muscle. . Dr Chambi decompressed the sciatic,pudendal,pfcn ,and peroneal nerves. I hope to have a nuerostimulator put in to help with the sciatic pain that never goes away. Most days are better with the pudendal if I do not sit at all.
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