Vincera Institute for Pelvic Pain

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Vincera Institute for Pelvic Pain

Postby nyt » Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:19 pm

I've just started to be seen by two physicians at the Vincera Institute in Philadephia, PA. A neurologist, Dr. Aradillos-Lopez and a surgeon Dr. Poor.

They are known for their interest in the "Core" of the body and work on professional atheletes. If they want you to have a procedure, unless is it surgery, you will have it done that day because they have so many patients that travel great distances to see them. If you go there and they think you need trigger point injections, diagnostic blocks, or whatever, they will have them done that day. Something I didn't realize. My first appointment was at 11:00 in the morning, I saw Dr. Aradillos-Lopez and he wanted me to see the surgeon because he was very concerned that I still have damages in my pelvis that should be surgically repaired. Within an hour the surgeon, Dr. Poor came into see me. They both wanted me to have an MRI of the abdomen and pelvis. They got me in at one of their remote facilities that evening. I was their again this week for a 3:00 pm appointment to see both physicians, from my physical exam and what the MRI confirmed they had a list of diagnostic blocks and procedures to try with the interventional radiologist that day. I was the ultrasound room by 5 pm to have dry needling done to my adductor tendons because I have bilateral adductor tendonosis from my bladder sling. They only ended up doing that one procedure because it was about all I could handle after over an hour of painful work.

I gave Dr. Poor a journal article on removal of residual transobturator tape mesh that was in the adductor tendon. He said he just had another patient that had the same type of sling as I did and the doctors had to immediately remove the sling when she woke up because she was in excruciating pain. When he saw her the adductor muscles in her legs where torn. He said to me, "So much for a less invasive type of sling that should have less complications since she is the 2nd patient I've seen in 2 months with torn adductor muscles." I was his first patient with sling complications.

On the website they state they special in pelvic pain but I do not know which physicians they would refer you to. I have been very impressed with office staff and the physicians I have met. Dr. Poor came into the ultrasound room a couple of times to look at the adductor tendon to see how bad he thought it was and to see how I was doing.

I do know they do ultrasound guided pudendal blocks because the interventional radiologist had it on his list of procedures to perform. I told the radiologist I've had so many of those that I didn't see the need, gave him my rational why we should limit the treatments to once's I've not tried and he agreed and said he would tell Dr. Aradillos.

Anyone, just wanted people to know this group might be another place to seek treatment especially if you multiple issues in your pelvis that need treatment.
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