HYDRODISSECTION | Seattle-ites Please Read

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HYDRODISSECTION | Seattle-ites Please Read

Postby jhw325 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:43 am

I had a consult with Dr. Leslianne Yen (link below) today in Seattle. She was recommended by Kathleen @ Sage Therapy (link below). Dr. Yen was...truly unbelievable. Her detailed was truly as thorough as I have ever read. She diagnosed me with Right PN (I have thought this all along) + some other nerve issues (I have lack of sensitivity throughout my right leg) and we have set the following action plan:
--Hydrodissection - 7 weeks out
--MRI of Lumbar Spine - 2 weeks out
--EMG/NCS Led my Dr. Droker (link below) - 3 - 4 weeks out
--Pelvic Floor Therapy with Kathleen - I start next week.

Dr. Yen knew her stuff. I was stunned. I thought I would come in and educated and she flipped the script.

I would love for anyone to chime in if they have thoughts on the Hydrodissection. Also, if you are in Seattle...we are in this together. Private message me - lets talk about these providers and our journeys. I moved hear recently and have educated myself on the landscape quickly and have strong grasp of options.

Very optimistic after today.

-Leslianne Yen: http://www.swedish.org/swedish-physicia ... &id=158090
-Kathleen Caples: http://sageptseattle.com/
-Dr. Droker: http://www.swedish.org/swedish-physicia ... &id=187741
--PN since June of 2016
--Onset from cycling
--Main symptoms: Lack of sensitivity in right scrotum and penis. Made much worse from sitting. Still sexually active but sensitivity varies.
--Other symptoms: Right hip/abductor/thigh/leg pain
--Formerly very active but currently no activity and stand at work.
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Re: HYDRODISSECTION | Seattle-ites Please Read

Postby Violet M » Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:04 am

Glad you found a physician you feel comfortable with, JH.

There are several people who have posted about hydrodissection -- you can do a search in the upper right corner.

Wishing you all the best as you pursue these treatment options. ;)

PNE since 2002. Started from weightlifting. PNE surgery from Dr. Bautrant, Oct 2004. Pain now is usually a 0 and I can sit for hours on certain chairs. No longer take medication for PNE. Can work full time and do "The Firm" exercise program. 99% cured from PGAD. PNE surgery was right for me but it might not be for you. Do your research.
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