Religious discussions

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Re: Religious discussions

Postby Violet M » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:04 am

pianogal wrote:what? so if I say I will pray for someone or if I try to encourage someone who I know has same beliefs as me by sharing a Bible quote, you will delete it? To what extent will this censorship go?

Pianogal, I think it's reasonable to tell someone you know is of the same religion that you are praying for them....I don't think anyone will complain about a short statement like that at the end of a message. But if we start allowing Bible verses, Koran quotations, and wicca chants all over the forum.......where does it end? To be consistent, we would have to allow it all. Do you see the problem we as moderators have?

HM, do you remember where that written policy was written on the old board? I don't remember seeing it so I'm not sure where we would put it.
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Re: Religious discussions

Postby mod3 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:14 am

I'm sorry, some people decided to turn this topic into a religious discussion. I have split off their posts and locked the topic.
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