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Re: PNE surgery withProfVancaille

Postby ElizaM » Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:53 am

Oh thank you Jude so much for responding. I really needed to hear this today. I'm 5 months post op now and was doing so well feeling approximately 10% better until I had a huge flare over a week ago. The pain has made me feel suicidal again. I flared from 2 days of long sitting within a week and a steriod injection Dr V put into my sore vulva area. Did you find if you sat too long in the early days of surgery you still flared up a lot? I find my maximum sitting is approximately 1 hr in total for the day. I really appreciate hearing your story. It gives me hope. So I should really be more patient. I have 2 young kids aged 5 and 7 and school holidays is hard especially with a flare
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PN Left sided started April 2013 after TVT sling surgery for stress incontinence. Nov 2013 surgery reviewed by another surgeon and sling removed as found to be incorrectly inserted on left side. Pain gradually increased. 2014 Prof Vancaille diagnosed PN. PT, nerve blocks, botox, pulsed radio frequency tried with no success. PNE diagnosed by MRI result. July 2015 Pudendal nerve release surgery with Prof Theiry Vancaille and Dr Loefler.
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Re: PNE surgery withProfVancaille

Postby stephanies » Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:24 am


Thank you for returning to report on your successful treatment with Dr. Vancaillie. It is always wonderful to read of someone who overcame PN pain!


Good thought to you as you continue your recovery!

PN started 2004 from fall. Surgery with Filler Nov. 2006, Dr. Campbell April 2007. Pain decreased by 85% in 2008 (rectal and sitting pain resolved completely), pain returned in 12/13.
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