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Postby Redevil » Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:30 am

I underwent surgery with Dr Chow and Dr Loefler on 20th of November last year. Its been 2 months nearly since surgery but signals that I've been getting are mixed.
Firstly, surgery was performed on left hip(glute) to free pudendal nerve which was trapped between ligaments. Dr Loefler has written in Post-op surgery report that there were several bands running deep through ligament. The nerve itself was found to be compressed be these bands. Sacrotuberous ligament was severed to release the nerve. Due to large veins over sacrospinous ligament, they could not remove it but they freed the nerve.
Coming to recovery mode its been a mixed bag so far. Some days I've been feeling that I'm getting better but on other days not so much. My typical symptoms prior to surgery were: Pain in left hip , Tingling sensation in scrotum and anus, Weak Erections(morning erections as well) ,twitching left leg and tight pant feeling in left butt.
One week was specially eventful when I experienced strong spasms in left butt during that period but then I was able to get full erection for 3-4 days, there was no tingling sensation in scrotal area or Tight pant feeling.
One more thing 3-4 months before surgery, my left side of back had moved upwards. Like when I used to see myself in mirror my right shoulder appeared to be drooping as compared to left shoulder. In other words my left side of back had pulled itself upwards.
And since that eventful week my shoulder are becoming level accompanied by weird sensation (pin-prick) in left side of back.
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Re: Post-Surgery

Postby Violet M » Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:59 am

Kohli, I had all kinds of strange sensations during recovery from surgery with good days and bad days. I think it is way too soon to draw any conclusions from your surgery. It takes many months for nerves to heal and you may continue to have strange sensations as the nerve wakes up. So you don't have to stress out too much if you have flareups sometimes because it's very typical after PNE surgery.

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