Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PNE!!!

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Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PNE!!!

Postby rvandenh » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:05 pm

Hi Guys,

I just recently went to a PT Pelvic Support Clinic in Ottawa, Canada as I was suffering from PNE. I was suffering from severe stabbing pains in the perineum, and genitalia areas. Those areas also became very numb, and I began to have impotency issues with my gf. The practitioner there taught me a certain technique how to relax my pelvic floor muscles, and essentially "drop the pelvic floor" allowing the pudendal nerve to be free'd.

The technique is essentially tightening the rectum area only (not buttocks), and releasing/relaxing the muscles upon exhaling. This does take a bit of practice to just squeeze the center of the rectum area only where all your pelvic muscles are located and then letting go and pushing out to relax them. You must do this very often during the day (200 + times). I have found that in two days my symptoms have quickly disappeared, and I have regained feeling in that area as well as the ability to get an erection.

I have another appointment booked with the same practicioner soon, and she will teach me more techniques to relax those pelvic floor muscles which can play a large part in compressing the pudendal nerve. I will let everyone know what else I find out. I strongly recommend practicing this exercise above, and if anyone has any questions with regards to this feel free to respond to this forum.

Other things that have helped me with PNE is taking a small does of amitriplyine 30 mg (nerve stabilizer), as well as do certain stretches at night (side leg raises, supine leg raises, touching your toes, and the sumo pose stretch. Another big thing which has helped me was using a DISCREET donut cusion (biolectrix) at work, taking pressure off the perineum area. I understand donut cushions can be embarassing, however there is a discreet donut cushion online and your co-workers will never notice it is one. I strongly recommend recommend these type of donut cushions for those who have sit for prolonged periods during the day.

I also tried undergoing shock wave therapy but it had very little effect on improving my symptoms. The pudendal nerve is located deep in the pelvis and I believe these shock wave therapies are unable to effectively reach that area.

I write this is in the aim of helping others with this very scary issue. I'm a 26 year old male, and the experience of having severe pains and not being able to have sex became a nightmare. I had it for over 8 months, and just after practicing the technique described above has quickly given me much hope!! I've done extensive research on this subject, if anyone as anyone questions please let me know.

Wish you all the best,

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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby Datboy333 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:32 am

You mention the pelvic floor tightening techinique does this cause flare-ups I just feel like doing those excercises will make things worse. How does the amitriplyine actually work on the nerves ? is there any negative side effects that you have to deal with when taking the medication ?
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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby rvandenh » Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:53 am

I don't believe it would cause flare up, you're just bringing the pelvic muscles down' that might be constrained upwards. I've experience no side effects with amitriptyline however it does make you drousy so you should take it right before bed. It works by reducing the pain by interferring with the way nerve pulses are transmitted.
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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby Lavrentzio » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:32 pm

Hi Robb,

nice to share you story with us. It is so common, I see now. I have the same problems; start with some itching on penis, then urinating frequently, hard to start urinating, then burning pain in perineum and after all start to effect my erection. There is no bacterial prostatis, so everybody is telling me, I am ok and no one didn't mentioned pelvic problem or nerve problem. It is going now for 2 years, I know that you know that is horible. It is living from moment to moment, waiting and sometimes have feeling like nothing to live for anymore.
I found out about this pelvic pain or nerve problem; and that it could me done with some special excerice with muscles; or better to do with pelvic floor physiotherapist
I would like to ask you, ofcourse, anything; how are you doing excerice, did you read some books, and are you starting with some pelvic floor physiotherapist also? Are you doing better, or totaly like before? Do pain come back when you are afraid, or in stress, or after sex?

I heard that practice that you describe, I think are called "Hecgel practice" can help + some more practice.
I am getting a little hope, maybe I also have problems just with a nerves, and practice + some nerve stabilazer or muscle relaxing tabelts ( I also can read somewhere can help).
I am also starting to do my own search on internet, cause it is only hope. I would realy like to talk with you more about that, cause I saw that you are writing these days; we can also exchange some ideas on email after. I know, it is writen a little confusing, but I will try to make it better, next time; first time I am writing about this ...
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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby ladybird » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:49 am

Thanks for the advice. I am hestiant to tighten the muscles down there - even if it is in preparation to relax the muscles......

As a female - the exercises my physio has recommended are not suitable for guys but I have read of "reverse kegel exercises" and "dropping the pelvic floor".

Great to have a space to connect. When the pudendal nerve is pinched - it affects you 100% but then to "get through the day" you have to effectively ignore that.

It's exhausting.....but so good to have an open forum to connect with other sufferers. x
My pelvic pain presents as a constant dull ache, fluttering/buzzing throughout my pelvic region. My pelvic diaphram is stressed due to my musculoskeletal system adapting to my uneven hips, which reduces blood flow to the nerves/muscles which is why I believe I have chronic pelvic pain.
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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby Positivepoppy » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:14 am

Hi what type of exercises can you do? I'm 12 weeks post TG bilateral surgery and desperate for my life back, anything you can recommend to help? Hope you are ok and recovering.
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Re: Great Techniques and Tips that allowed me to Overcome PN

Postby wasiscba » Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:48 pm

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