Two glorious weeks, why?

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Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby Davemon » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:37 pm

I've had the pelvic pain for 46 month. Male age 61. Tried Labraltear surgery, coil embolization, internal pt, prolotherapy, and 10 differnt nerve blocks from pudendal to cuadals. Acupunture and prayer. No luck. I went to dr filner in rockville md who diagnosed tight muscles affecting entire pelvis. He could feel them and they hurt when pushed. I went twice 30 days apart and he used class 3 laser to target the muscle trigger points. I went to Boston for Xmas and had two weeks no pain, like a miracle. I decided it was just my time to get better, came back to dc and the pain returned. So I think it was either the better mattress or those laser treatments. So even though dr filner is wildly expensive , $400 to $500 per visit I will try again. There is a pt in my town with the exact same laser machine who charges $20 per session but not sure if she can find those trigger points. I may try her just to see. I heard the class 4 lasers can be harmful. For what it's worth tramadol has been the best drug for me, better that elavil opioids etc. I will report back in 60 days. Just want all to know that relief may come and I pray each night for everyone on this board...david
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Re: Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby nyt » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:35 pm

I have never heard that class IV lasers can be harmful except to the eyes if you look at the light, that is why they make you wear the filtering eye glasses. Both class III and IV lasers have been used in vet medicine for a very long time. Just sad that insurance companies do not reimburse for it like they do ultrasound. There is a lot of good scientific literature that demonstrates its benefits. My chiro charges $50.00/laser treatment and if you purchase a packet then she usually reduces the rate to $40.00. The $400-$500 seems very high.
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Re: Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby ezer » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:33 am

Two glorious weeks, why?

Davemon, like you I had short lapses of time during a period of 10 years when I experienced no pain. It was always around a trip or an emotional event. For as much as I wanted to credit a particular mattress, the temperature, or the change in barometric pressure, it did really not make much sense scientifically.
Was there any event around the onset of your condition? Did you start experiencing pain right after or during a stressful period?

At the end of the day, it was a major telltale for me to realize that the pain would leave sometimes. I therefore started looking at my PN pain as a Psycho-physiological disorder after having tried every treatment imaginable (just check my signature). I am cured now.
You can read my story in the success stories section.

Dr. Schechter, a doctor specialized in PPD syndromes asks his patients the following question: Has the pain significantly changed or gone away while on vacation, away from home, or while distracted?

In any case, this is just FYI and I am certainly not diagnosing you.
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2010 MRN and 3T MRI showing PNE. Diagnosed with PNE by Dr. Aaron Filler. 2 failed PNE surgeries.
2011-2012 Horrific PN pain.
2013 Experimented with various Mind-body modalities
3/2014 Significantly better
11/2014 Cured. No pain whatsoever since
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Re: Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby Violet M » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:35 pm

That's interesting that vacations make some people feel better. As I recall, I used to get worse with travel/vacations and finally just started staying home but my problem has always been physical activity related rather than stress/anxiety related.

Good luck with your treatments, Dave. Will keep you in my prayers. ;)

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Re: Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby solarmom » Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:19 am

Could you describe the laser treatment? How is this different from ' cold laser' treatment? My first therapist used the cold laser on my sacrum when it was burning and it was great. Sadly did not help with my tension closer to the coccyx.

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Re: Two glorious weeks, why?

Postby Erik Voight » Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:26 pm

Interesting, I did have a month or so of being completly good, no pain what so ever. Not sure why? Then it crept back but I figured it was from doing specific types of leg exercises that hit the pudendal nerve perhaps, maybe? It comes and goes so I wonder if it's purely mechanical?
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