Sacral Stimulator Implant for PN updated 3/6/15

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Re: Sacral Stimulator Implant for PN updated 3/6/15

Postby river133 » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:52 am

Have been wondering about you. Did they ever give you morphine in your pump? Or are you still receiving just bupivicane?
. Aug.4th is the date. She told me it can take up to 6 months to regulate the meds. Well,we will find out soon. I will be having the pump placed on my right backside. 7.5 years and maybe this will actually help at least 50%. Carl,do you still need oral meds? I am back on perkaset,and tramodol. It is all my physician will give me, she said it doesn't do anything for nerve pain. I don't know how I managed with just the gabapentin and tylonal for almost a year.
At the MAPS pain clinic they have an excellant pelvic PT. If I could drive 2 hours every few days ,it would be wonderful. 8ne step at a time. The pain has been so sharp and stabbing. It brings me to jy knees at times. I remember telling my husband at the end of the day a few years back,that ,this has been my worse day for pain,and then I remembered I say it most days. .We have all had to be so stron , putting one foot in front of the other.Hope,it is truly what keeps us going ,Hope.
Surgery Jan.05 2011 TG with Dr Antalok. Dr.Chambi May of 2012 showed injury from a fall on back, 11 years ago. My piriformis muscle caused a large amount of fibrosis .My sciatic nerve was growing through the piriformis muscle which caused a bifid p.muscle. . Dr Chambi decompressed the sciatic,pudendal,pfcn ,and peroneal nerves. I hope to have a nuerostimulator put in to help with the sciatic pain that never goes away. Most days are better with the pudendal if I do not sit at all.
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Re: Sacral Stimulator Implant for PN updated 3/6/15

Postby stephanies » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:02 am

Hopefully this is the light at the end of the tunnel for you River. You are right that we have to try and stay hopeful.

My best,
PN started 2004 from fall. Surgery with Filler Nov. 2006, Dr. Campbell April 2007. Pain decreased by 85% in 2008 (rectal and sitting pain resolved completely), pain returned in 12/13.
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