Botox Injections in Canada/Ontario

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Botox Injections in Canada/Ontario

Postby desperate » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:27 pm

Hi all,

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything on this forum as I've been trying to tackle this condition on my own and doing all that I can, trying all therapies and treatments. I could pretty much say within 7 months...I've felt no different and at times I feel at worse then in previous months. I don't want to have a rant on what I've done, and what my out come was but for anyone interested in knowing about the following treatments feel free to contact me...I've done shockwave, ART therapy, physiotherapy with a pelvic floor specialist, low-intensity laser, trigenics. I'm still doing laser, trigenics and seeing my PT however, all that keeps running through my head is - majority of people that do these types of therapies will see improvements after every session...I however, have not.

I'm posting under this topic to ask if anyone knows of anyone that does Botox injections in Ontario, CAN. I'm looking to do botox injections to see if my issue is muscular or if I should be focusing on other things that have been recorded in my Potter MRI such as, my thickened SS ligament.

If anyone could help me, it'd be much appreciated!

Thank you,
Pudendal pain started in Feb 2014. Potter MRI- useless findings (dont waste your money), tried pelvic floor pt, ART, Trigenics, Osteopathic treatment, fascial work, Massage, Shockwave, world renown chiros, osteopaths and PTs, stretching bla bla. Nothing helped but shockwave (which was short lived) and one world renown chiro that is a douchebag because he cant treat me again. All in all, God is the only one who can lead your path.
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Re: Botox Injections in Canada/Ontario

Postby nyt » Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:13 pm

Hopefully, someone in Canada will know the answer. The closest one to you in the states that I know of is Dr. Carrillo in Rochester, NY.
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Re: Botox Injections in Canada/Ontario

Postby Laramarie » Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:42 pm

You know that Dr G has someone do Botox for him...... But we still have to pay privately! Not sure if they can inject close to the PN?
There is an awesome urologist just outside of Detroit, MI who is really leading the way for PNE research. His name is Dr Kenneth Peters. He is at Beumont Hospital in Royal Oaks, Michigan. I did a lot of research on his this doc for the interstim into the pudendal nerves. He has helped a lot of people with our problem. Maybe he does Botox as well? It's worth looking into. Or as NYT said, the doc in NY may be close as well. We have to pay in Canada but I highly doubt if they do Botox into the muscles close to the PN! I know I would have had to go to Phoenix.


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