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Hi, I am the Ms. X in Dr. Noor Gajraj May 2005 Journal of Pain, Vol 6, No 5 pp 333--337 article about Botox in the treatment of PNE. I had PNE surgery in France in 2002 along with eleven other Americans. I had no PT. I did have Robert's suggestion for pain help in the form of Botox and instructions for pain management injections. I had tremendous help online with TIPNA patients, so many good people it is difficult to count. Antalok of Mayo in MN had diagnosed me and later in the year I went to France. No PT in this country. We were on our own, period. I took my instructions to the pain clinic at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where my son had been a student. I met Professor Gajraj there, he read and listened and said he would try it the next day. We did and I slept for the first time in two years. sound. He moved to various locations and is now at 4712 Dexter, Plano, Texas, Phone 972 612-3800. He will share the technique with any qualified Pain M.D. who injects Botox into muscles. I do not think it is that complicated and it works. The spasms in the pelvic floor subside. They can be intense and cause all kinds of grief. He gives mine every three months, and when the third month comes up, I know it for I know the difference. My personal earthquake is gone or down a lot. This way, you can have access to a way to cool the symtoms down until you get to doctor who can actually treat PNE or operate on your case. Hibner is excellent but I understand he has a long wait. I was his #30 patient and there was a few weeks wait then. I was a re-surgery. Having the PT (women's) lined up is the most difficult part of the entire thing in my opinion. This is necessary for both sexes. The most important, plus a good PNE doctor. We now have them in this country. People do not have to wait ten years to be operated on. They did when I discovered that I had it. This is why I went to France. There was a steady stream to France. The lucky ones. We lived, many did not. To me, Botox is a way to buy time comfortably. Safely. Not get well. To calm down symtons I may never get rid of. Noor Gajraj is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Carlie
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