Botox with Dr. Jason Attaman

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Botox with Dr. Jason Attaman

Postby Dr. Jason G. Attaman » Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:39 pm

Dear All,

I perform botox injections for pudendal neuralgia issues and pelvic pain.

One of the most common targets is the obturator internus muscle which is often spastic and this spasm squeezes and irritates the pudendal nerve. This muscle can easily be targeted using image guidance. If image guidance is not used, this muscle is virtually impossible to target effectively.

All such injections are performed with image guidance using ultrasound. This ensures increased safety and efficacy. This also makes the procedure much more comfortable, as for many of the pelvic muscles I can place the needle in your buttock near where your wallet pocket would be, rather than place the needle in your vagina or perineum. I am then able to guide a long needle down to the deep muscles. This is much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, unless you also have urination problems, botox used in this region is NOT covered by most insurances. Therefore there is an out of pocket cost for the botox medication.
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Dr. Jason G. Attaman
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Re: Botox with Dr. Jason Attaman

Postby tonygret » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:10 pm

Dr. Attaman,

I have read your posts and a couple of your papers. I have been suffering terribly from PN for 2 years. I am now looking into Botox injections after exhausting all other options available to me. Can you let me know how many of these procedures your have performed, what the success rate is and if you have every had any complications. I really appreciate your time! Thank you!
Middle aged male suffering excruciating pain from pudendal neuralgia for 2 years. Tried nerve blocks, caudal block, back surgery, and 8 different medications. My condition grows worse every month. Quality of life near zero. Can not sit at all. Maybe be facing permanent disability soon.
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Re: Botox with Dr. Jason Attaman

Postby jaxi123 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:54 am

What is the best method for botoxing the coccyxgeus muscle and how many units should be used?
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