What worked 99% for me

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What worked 99% for me

Postby keepuphope » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:36 pm

So here is my story how I got to 99% pain free. I will have what works for me at the end, so if you just want to skip to that you can. June 2014 I slip going over a fence and I have a straddle injury, I knew something was going to be wrong right after that went to a urologist who said nothing was wrong. Then I went to a pain specialist who said nothing was wrong, prescribed me muscle relaxers still in a lot of pain from sitting. I tried to standing Workstation that did not help the overall issue although it did give some relief. Three months later after the injury I had a CT scan came back negative. Was able to work for about a year until the summer of 2015, when the pain got so bad I had to stop working cuz I couldn’t barely sit. Had multiple urine test and everything came back negative had an MRI that came back negative. Saw 5 PT’s and learned one small thing from each when looking back which really help me get to where I am now which is basically 99% better. I adopted a much better diet, no soda no caffeine no alcohol just strict Water, bottled water whatever makes you feel comfortable. I stopped eating gluten and all processed foods and all sugar. Eat more fruits and vegetables got the right combination of vitamins to make me feel better, cuz I thought I had nerve damage so I was taking all sorts of different vitamins to try to alleviate that and the diet thing came about because I thought it was a prostate issue. So basically now I just take a multivitamin a vegan one or Veggie cap, not a concentrate from like a major manufacturer, I take a fish oil, and I take magnesiun. I also take MCT oil and bone broth every single day. So the one physical therapist that I met said I had a lot of stress and I carry a lot in my pelvis and she’s absolutely right looking back and she was the first one to do internal release stretching, so go buy yourself some KY Jelly and you need to release those inner muscles in the inside of your butt and you don’t have to go that far in if you have long enough arms long enough fingers like me you can get that done but some of you may have to buy a tool for it or have somebody else do it but you will definitely feel it right away if it hurts when you’re pushing on it you know there’s a tense muscle in there and you just need to keep pressing on it lightly until it settles down. I still do that once a week just to keep make sure that I don’t have tense muscles there. Another physical therapist said I had jacked up fascia, but never really taught me how to release all of it. The last physical therapist that I saw taught me how to do more internal stretching, so I have that fun to look forward to every week, and also how to do in pelvic floor strengthening and you want to do kegel type things for guys and you want to strengthen that like every other day because it’s a muscle it needs time to repair. I’m doing the pelvic floor strengthening for the last 1% of my pain in hopes that finishes it off. One thing that I came across an accident was when I was having sex one particular way because that hurt the least however, when I did it another way it did hurt but it felt so much better afterwards that I kept doing it in different positions and stretching those muscles out that that was my first big stage of feeling better and that was in March of 2017, so I’ve been to this point I’ve been in pain roller coaster up and down never feeling very good for almost 3 years. The second major thing that made me feel better was a foam roller, as soon as I started foam rolling the back of my legs and my butt felt amazing so basically my recovery was two stages just by accident I came across the first one and then the second one is the foam roller. Foam roll your legs, the outside the inside the but that helps tremendously at least it did for me and the way I found out that it wasn’t a nerve issue or a prostate issue I also read about a tennis ball stress relief technique where you sit on a tennis ball and when I did that I did not feel pain it was actually kind of relaxing for me, yes painful, but not the same pain from sitting on something flat, and then I kind of hover over the ball and kind of role the bottom of my pelvis over the tennis ball I don’t know if it’s helping at all but it certainly doesn’t hurt that much. I still use seat cushions at work and they help tremendously, but the goal of course is to not use them right? So that’s what worked for me everybody and hope it could possibly work for you too, and I know exactly how you feel, depressed and hopeless, and I felt like ending it all many many times. But I just held out hope that something was going to eventually work and I kind of stumbled across two cures that worked for me, after 30 rounds of PT that didn’t really help all that much, losing a job, racking up thousands in medical bills, just by accident two things did work for me and I hope they work for you too.
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Re: What worked 99% for me

Postby Violet M » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:41 pm

Thanks for sharing your story. I think that's the way it works for a lot of us -- we just have to keep trying things until we find what works for us. And you can't give up if one provider can't help because there might be another one who can. Hope you continue to stay well. :D

PNE since 2002. Started from weightlifting. PNE surgery from Dr. Bautrant, Oct 2004. Pain now is usually a 0 and I can sit for hours on certain chairs. No longer take medication for PNE. Can work full time and do "The Firm" exercise program. 99% cured from PGAD. PNE surgery was right for me but it might not be for you. Do your research.
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