Nerve Gliding and Squatting in a pool

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Nerve Gliding and Squatting in a pool

Postby desperate » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:04 pm

Has anyone tried squaring or doing some pudendal nerve gliding techniques in a pool to eliminate added gravity and tension?
Pudendal pain started in Feb 2014. Potter MRI- useless findings (dont waste your money), tried pelvic floor pt, ART, Trigenics, Osteopathic treatment, fascial work, Massage, Shockwave, world renown chiros, osteopaths and PTs, stretching bla bla. Nothing helped but shockwave (which was short lived) and one world renown chiro that is a douchebag because he cant treat me again. All in all, God is the only one who can lead your path.
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