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Postby Donac358 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:34 pm

Hello, I've just joint this forum, apologies for my English, I'm Italian. I'm 58, male, got Pudendal Neuralgia almost 5 years ago, just after a couple of hours of Mountain Bike, suddenly, I would say the day after , I had pain and swelling on scrotum , left side only, then developed a great pain on sitting. I took 6 month to get the right diagnosis (clinical and EMG and PNTML ) , not so bad , anyway I started a numbers of treatments, laroxyl & lyrica, for basically 2 years , plus osteopathy and chiropractics , plus pelvic floors rehabil ... Well my situation improved a lot, but I still have pain iskial zone , left , on sitting. My "quality of life" recovered a little bit , but I still have pain and I want to get better. Among the non conventional treatments , I would like to explore one that is "designed" as a pain killer . It is Neuraltherapy , Invented in Germany a century ago, I wonder someone tried this therapy ... and of course the result.
Thank you very much . And many appreciation for the website and forum ... very well designed and updated , many valuable information available .
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Re: Neuraltherapy

Postby Violet M » Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:50 am

I only know of one patient who tried neural therapy and posted about it on this forum but it was not successful for her. Her symptoms were different than yours though. viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1590&p=44087&hilit=neural+therapy#p44087

Good luck,

PNE since 2002. Started from weightlifting. PNE surgery from Dr. Bautrant, Oct 2004. Pain now is usually a 0 and I can sit for hours on certain chairs. No longer take medication for PNE. Can work full time and do "The Firm" exercise program. 99% cured from PGAD. PNE surgery was right for me but it might not be for you. Do your research.
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