UPDATE on Cryoablation 8/18/16

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UPDATE on Cryoablation 8/18/16

Postby rainbowbutterfly » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:26 pm

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You can see what I went through after Dr. Kay in Phoenix performed a cryoablation on my right pudendal nerve. Long story short, I had an experience that was nothing short of horrifying. I was terrified I would be stuck with the new affects for life, but I am happy to report otherwise.

Now it has been one year and 4 months since then, and my left side is the horrendous side once again, and my right side is not currently bothering me much. I would say it is 90% better from what Dr. Kay caused. I have most of my sensation back and almost zero of the itching/zapping. I no longer have "anesthesia dolorosa" the painful numbness. I often forgot how bad the pain was and consider trying the other nerve with Dr Prologo, as I heard he's done far more cryoablations and had much more success than Dr. Kay.
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Re: UPDATE on Cryoablation 8/18/16

Postby stephanies » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:52 am

I had no success with Dr. Prologo. Early on I thought about retrying as well, but with all my reading and research, plus keeping up with some ladies I met in Atlanta who had cryo the same week I did, I have seen very little success from the procedure. If Dr. Prologo shared his protocol with Dr. Kay, why would their results be any different? Just my two cents. Good luck with it if you go for it again.
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