To those of you who had a 3T MRI with Dr. Potter

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To those of you who had a 3T MRI with Dr. Potter

Postby RiseAbove873 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:12 pm

Hello. I'm soon going to make an appointment to have a 3T MRI done with Dr. Potter in NY. I was just wondering, what happens next? Will she personally notify me with the results? Can I ask her questions? Are there any treatments that she'll recommend? Etc? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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Re: To those of you who had a 3T MRI with Dr. Potter

Postby RJR » Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:41 pm

I've had 2 MRI's with Dr Potter, one pre-op and one post-op. On both occasions, for the asking, had a 15 minute Q&A of the result immediately after the procedure. She was clear about her findings and thoughts. My experiences were excellent and valuable.
Cyclist till perineal pain onset R side (Apr'08). Dx with PN (Aug'09). Lyrica gave 30% pain reduction. Potter MRI (Oct'10) validated at surgery with Dr Hibner (Nov'10) - found nerve attached to scarred STL. Now sitting 10 hrs/day vs 1 hr/day pre-op. Occasional MRI-guided steroid injections by Dr. Jan Fritz at Johns Hopkins. Surgery video =

Deep neuropathic burning pain flares have been gone since surgery...Grateful to Dr Hibner.
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