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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby flyer28 » Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:18 pm

No problem Friedrich...I ll be short becuase I am fighting with flu right now which makes me feel pretty terrible.

I never had 3T MRI by Hollis Potter but I had one made and interpreted by prof.ASzmann/prof. Bodner, I somehow rate their experience in reading pelvis MRI and 17MZ High resolution ultrasound maybe even higher than H.Potter. Their statement is pretty conclusive for me.
Never had any cyckling issues, ED, numbness, golfball in rectum nothing. Only constatn pain at the base of penis/ischiocavernosus imposed by phisical activity (sport, sex etc)-
I would like to avoid dorsal nerve decompression but will do all diagnostic steps, Alcock infiltration and PSSD test inclusive.

I believe that there are cases of dorsal nerve entrapment, which can be helped even cured by operation. I am sure that dorsal nerve entrapment manifestd by constant penile pain is a legitimate diagnosis.

On the other hand, the diagnostic process is never 100% and we dont have any final proof. This diagnosis is also in recent years maybe OVERDIAGNOSED little bit. Many of similar problems are imposed by entrapmnet by muscles, or better to say muscles do not fully entrap, but significantly compress nerve. This can easily mimick classic dorsal nerve entrapment.
To decide between those two modalities is the biggest challenge and one need maybe some portion of luck in the process of decision making.

There are succes stories of dorsal nerve decompression and there are failures. Unfortunaltely sample numbers are too low.
summer 2009 - episodic pain in genital area, mainly after sex, then also after any other physical labour
early 2010- major flare-up, lasting 3 months, later almost complete resulion of pain
late 2010 - chronification of pain
february 2011 - ESCW wave. major flare-up of debilitating pain, lasting 5 months
february 2012 - diagnosed CPPS with irritation of pudendal nerve, hypogastric plexus block
june 2012 - dorsal nerve block made by prof. Aszmann, no relief
november 2012 - worsening of pain
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby chronos » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:39 pm

flyer28 wrote:Many authors stated that significant portion of penile pain is transmitted with cavernous nerves bound to prostate.

Hi flayer28. I was trying to find any information about cavernous nerves entrapment/damage because it is located in places when I feel a lot of my pain. But I couldn't find any data about it. Where did you find information about these nerves?

I visited prof. Aszmann few weeks ago and had PSSD test. It showed no abnormalities. 3T MRI showed scarring on left dorsal canal.
As i understand you visited prof. Aszmann several times, did you have any pain when he was pressing the nerves externally? Did prof. recommend surgery for your case? In my case he said surgery can give no improvement but maybe it will. As I have no other treatment options and i am quite desperated I was almost convinced to have this surgery but after reading this thread i am not so sure now...
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby flyer28 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:25 pm

To Chronos:
Cavernous nerves cannot be entrapped. It is a part of sympathicius/parasympaticous (autonomous) nervous system. Cavernous nerves are transmitted to prostate, that s way the poeple who had resection of prostate, sometimes suffer with intractable penile pain.
If prof. Aszmann said that you will probably not benefit from operation, dont do it. Risks are too high.
Maybe you could try superior hypogastric plexus block.
see e.g. here:

I did not have PSSD test (I will try) and did not have any Tinel sign (more pain at pressure on nerve). On the other hand I had some scaring in right dorsal canal.
summer 2009 - episodic pain in genital area, mainly after sex, then also after any other physical labour
early 2010- major flare-up, lasting 3 months, later almost complete resulion of pain
late 2010 - chronification of pain
february 2011 - ESCW wave. major flare-up of debilitating pain, lasting 5 months
february 2012 - diagnosed CPPS with irritation of pudendal nerve, hypogastric plexus block
june 2012 - dorsal nerve block made by prof. Aszmann, no relief
november 2012 - worsening of pain
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby Earl » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:10 pm

Dr Hibner says he has performed TG surgery on 3 different people with injury from a horse riding injury like me.He said that, like my pain, they tended to be further forward than classic sit bone area pain. These patients had complete resolution of pain. I have researched the dorsal nerve surgery and worried I should be looking into it instead of TG surgery.But Dr Hibner says pain caused by a compression in the Alcock can refer pain to the dorsal distribution . TG surgery is his specialty and I hope his solution isn't narrowed because of that mindset . Anyway I wondered how those of you who had dorsal nerve surgery were diagnosed? It also seems as though the dorsal nerve surgery tends to be even more risky than the TG surgery, even though many would say otherwise, unless I'm just not hearing of those worsened by the TG. I postponed my surgery with Dr Hibner until I could calculate the risks . Are there any on this forum who became incontinent or permanently numb because of TG surgery or is this risk written on presurgery consent forms just as dentists put on consent forms that say you have a risk of dying by being put out to remove wisdom teeth ?
7/09 penile numbness, sitting discomfort after injury 2 weeks post vasectomy.Neurologists MRIs and urologists. 2/10 Dr Antolak steroid injections ,PN diagnosis. 3/10 MRN. 12/11 Periformis /pudendal surgery Dr Filler . 5/12 "Headache in the Pelvis " . 9/12 Potter MRI .11/12 Dr Hibner -Botox,Sclaritization, nerve block .Worsening.Scheduled for Right TG Surgery with Dr Hibner April 2013.
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby Meliora » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:55 am

Earl, Dr. Hibner does one side at a time "in case" there were to be some numbness and incontinence. I would hope the remaining side could provide enough sensation for everything needed to work. I know that may not be a comfort, but at least you would have the remaining side. Dr. Hibner also has a frontal approach not just TG, I am not sure he reaches the dorsal branch though. It would reach the perineal branches. You could call and ask about it maybe. I am considering that approach. It's such a VERY hard decision, one I am not wanting to make either. I am going to continue researching as well and hope I can make the best decision I know how. I do not want to stay in this boat though....that much I know. I see a hernia and my hip specialist soon as well. I want all options looked at. I also may book another PN appointment just for one more opinion. I have talked with two European surgeons as well. So much information! There has to be a good option out there though.
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby 3 foot surgeries » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:41 am

I am a 49 year old female and this is my 10 year plus journey with foot pain and DR. DELLON

I have had (3) foot surgeries related to Nueroma Pain (entrapped nerves) in my right foot.
(Both feet have the condition.) My father and his brothers were all born with "club feet".

I saw many, many doctors like Dr. Weil and Dr. Stern (of Rush university) in Chicago, Illinois.
As well as Dr. Nath, a specialist from West Palm Beach Florida and Dubai who was in Chicago for a clinic to see and evaluate potential patients.

There were about (6) more doctors I saw so I could be evaluated and receive their expert opinions
regarding my medical situation.
One name that kept popping up... Dr. A Lee Dellon of Baltimore, Maryland.
(Infact Dr. Nath wished me the best of luck and gave me Dr. Dellon’s Business card.)

I contacted his offices around the holidays in 2010 and flew to Baltimore, Maryland to have his
nerve conductive test performed by his people at the Dellon Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery
in Baltimore, Maryland.

Weeks later while my husband and I were weighing our options, we received a phone call
from Dr. Dellon and his wife on Luanne Greer on Valentines day, February 14th 2011.

Dr. Dellon said that he and his wife were on their way out for a nice romantic dinner and that
they thought of me.
They said they thought of me and my husband just sitting at home, not out celebrating Valentines Day
because of my painful condition. He asked if I would like me and my husband to be able to
celebrate Valentines day like everyone else again?
He kept saying things like, wouldn't you like your life back?
We are concerned about you, you don't have to live in pain anymore.

I told Dr. Dellon that I might consider having the surgery if he could promise me 3 things.
1st, I wanted the codes for my insurance so I will know what my out-of pocket on this 20,000.00 (plus) surgery was going to be.
2nd, I wanted to make sure he would be there for me and not kick me to the curb after the surgery and
3rd I wanted to know the 'worst-case scenario'?

He answered that he would give me the codes for the surgery, no problem.
He stated that they have their patients do their own billing all the time and they would give us the
surgery codes so we could submit them to our insurance company, so we would know what our out of pocket would be.
He said he would be there for me and take care of any “after care” I would need, pain, tests, etc. so I would not have to rely on my general practitioner.
He stated that the “worst-case scenario” is that the surgery didn’t work and promised I would not be in any worse shape than I am in right now.
DR. DELLON DID NOT HOLD UP ANY OF HIS PROMISES as agreed in exchanged e-mails. (YES I got it in writing)

It is very close to my 2 year anniversary of my surgery.
I am out over $20,000.00.
Dr. Dellon wrote in the wrong codes and refused to re-submit the forms even though I have e-mails to prove other wise which doesn't make sense to me be cause I already paid him.
His exact words, 'do not question me'.
The day after surgery and he came into our hotel room to check on me and to give my husband Lance the written prescriptions for the pain management after surgery.
He forgot his pad.
He said he would take care of this the following day. He never did. I was left with nothing.
And here I sit almost 2 years after surgery, worse than I have ever been in my life.
I am sad that I ever let Dr. Dellon and his wife Luanne talk me into this.
My feet hurt worse then they ever have before. They are getting worse, not better.
I don’t know if I have anything left in me to keep on keepin’ on.

Side note, when all this happened, Dr. Dellon sat on the board of directors of the
American Medical Association so I felt that there was nothing I could do.

I FEEL SO DEFEATED mentally and spiritually.

- - -WARNING - - -
3 foot surgeries
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby gorenje » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:00 pm

3 foot surgeries,
Very interesting post. Sorry to hear about your suffering. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby HerMajesty » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:38 am

Thanks for posting 3footsurgeries, the valentine's incident sounds so manipulative...as much as you have in writing (broken promises), have you considered civil court proceedings?
Not to mention, I urge EVERYONE who has a concern about the ethics or capabilities of a doctor to put in a report with the state Medical Licensing Board. They do not take a single complaint very seriously, but if they start to accumulate a file of similar complaints they will investigate more thoroughly.
pelvic pain started 1985 age 14 interstitial cystitis. Refused medical care from age 17, did GREAT with self care for years.
2004 PN started gradually, disabled by 2009. Underlying cause SIJD & Tarlov cysts
improved with PT & meds: neurontin, valium, nortriptyline, propanolol. (off nortriptyline & propanolol now, yay!)
Tarlov cyst surgery with Dr. Frank Feigenbaum March 20, 2012.
Results have been excellent so far; but I won't know my final functional level for a couple of years.
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby kathyd » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:26 am

I just happened to come across this post about Dr Dellon accidentally, but wanted to say
I really hope u have since found relief for your foot pain!

I also had a bad experience with Dr. Dellon, a few years back and can relate to the things he said to you and promised you etc..
I am very sorry I ever went to him, or allowed him to treat me, but I trusted the doc who sent me to him.

That is in the past for me now,and I try to forget about it and move forward.
Luckily I have a great Physical therapist.. she helped me to realize that my pain condition is different than I had thought.
She has helped me to improve and become much more active ... my worry and over -research etc helped to contribute to the pain. We have moved forward with her thankfully, and life is much better than it was a few years back, tho we still have a ways to go...
I just wanted to also warn everyone away from Dr. Dellon!
He is not to be trusted. I have always considered reporting him as you described.
Again I pray that you and everyone else are feeling better now!
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Re: Dr Dellon

Postby jaxi123 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:25 am

Years ago Dr Dellon sent me several enticing emails trying to talk me into his surgery. When I showed them to my local doctor he nearly flipped out and said do not see him. Be cautious.
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