Post PNE Dr. Dellon surgical update

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Re: Post PNE Dr. Dellon surgical update

Postby Violet M » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:17 am

There is some variation in anatomy also which makes it even more tricky to locate all of the branches.

PNE since 2002. Started from weightlifting. PNE surgery from Dr. Bautrant, Oct 2004. Pain now is usually a 0 and I can sit for hours on certain chairs. No longer take medication for PNE. Can work full time and do "The Firm" exercise program. 99% cured from PGAD. PNE surgery was right for me but it might not be for you. Do your research.
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Re: Post PNE Dr. Dellon surgical update

Postby April » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:11 am

Thanks for the info on the PRFA. Keep us posted. I have been considering that treatment.

So, you had it resected. So you had part of it cut out? And it didn't cause any problems? That is surprising.

hm...I don't think of cryoablation as having no side effects. It does destroy all three branches of the nerve on the side that you do it. As I understand it, there is no way to only destroy the perineal branch. And, although the nerve is supposed to grow back, that takes a while and, as with everything, there are no guarantees. And, as Violet noted, anatomical variations might make this (or any procedure) more complicated. So, the more I've learned about cryo, the less interested I became. Nonetheless, I am grateful that my problem is only on this one branch. I guess we have to find some reasons to be grateful!

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