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Nucelio Lemos

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:36 pm
by winged_cent
I wanted to ask if anyone has had any experiences with this doctor. He is a Brazilian who learned the laparoscopic approach from Dr. Possover in Switzerland (and is the co-author on several of Dr. Possover's studies) and is now based in Toronto. There is one Canadian woman on the Pudendal Facebook group who had surgery with him at the beginning of this year and has had very positive results and raves about him. On the other hand, there have been horror stories on this forum about the laparoscopic approach as practiced by Dr. Erdorgru in Turkey. Apparently, Dr. Lemos sees both men and women.

Anyone have any experience with him? Looks like he might be another option, especially for Canadians, but also perhaps for Americans with the economic means to pay out-of-pocket.