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Postby AroraNightfire » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:32 pm

I have never seen Dr Hibner. I was told by a doctor of mine that I should consider seeing him. I do not recall talking to anyone who has seen Dr Hibner. Im curious to find out how many people felt comfortable in his care vs uncomfortable. Is he overly sarcastic like Dr Conway? Does he take time to answer questions? Does he appear to have a caring, compassionate disposition? Or does he appear cold? Please do get back to me. Im a pretty open, REAL person. I dont care what people think. I post without fear.
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Re: Opinions?

Postby Faith » Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:37 am

Dr. hibner is the nicest doctor I think I have ever seen (and I've seen over 20 doctors/practitioners). He is very respectful and listens to your concerns and is not threatened by you reading research or asking questions. He is very busy, but doesn't make you feel like just a number. His office is very difficult to get through to and there is very little follow up after botox (that is my case at least). He is a urogynocologist and his focus is surgery, but he does really seem to encourage people to try conservative options first. He is very innovative - trying to adapt new methods of surgery and different procedures to help people. He does rely pretty heavily on his PT's opinion and ability to rule out musculoskeletal causes of PN, which I think can be dangerous, but overall I firmly believe he really wants to help people and is trying his best to do so (and I say this even having experienced an extreme worsening of pain after botox given by Dr. Hibner).
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-PT, meds, injections, botox, ESWT = debilitated.
-5/12 Potter MRI - scarring of left ST, coccygeous & posterior alcock, but pain is bilateral
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Re: Opinions?

Postby Tiegarlillie » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am

Dr. Hibner is amazing. I must warn you the office staff could use some work. His staff completely misrepresent his amazingingness so don't let them get to you. I have seen him help hundreds of women. He has done an extensive amount of training and seems to me to be the mostnknowledgable about pelvic pain disorders and their treatments. I would not go to anyone else.
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Re: Opinions?

Postby nyt » Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:03 pm

I have great respect for Dr. Hibner. He is a very caring and knowledgeable physician. He is listed in "American's Best Doctors" 2011-2012 database. He is extremely conservative about pudendal surgery and you have to try everything else first. His NP Lisa is wonderful as is Dr. Castellanos. I have been going to him for 2 years and travel and great distance a couple of times a year to be treated by him because he offers treatments no one else offers. I am having my 3rd surgery with him in Sept. The first surgery he did was to remove the rest of a bladder sling I had, the second surgery was a right-sided pudendal decompression surgery and in Sept he will do the left pudendal decompression surgery. He never gives up trying to find things to help. Sadly, the follow-up is not good.
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4/09 Bilateral obturator decompression surgery, BLL RSD - Dr. Howard
9/10 Removed left side TOT, botox, re-evaluate obturator nerve - Dr. Hibner
2/11 LFCN and saphenous neuralgia - Dr. Dellon 2/11 MRI with Dr. Potter - confirmed entrapment
5/11 Right side TG - Dr. Hibner 2012 Left side TG - Dr. Hibner
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Is this dorsal nerve compression?

Postby Dan93 » Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:32 am

I have penile pain where i use to have an electric shock and i might still have it but scared to touch the area to find out, i also have inflammation like burning sensation and sometimes random tingling here and there? please help :(
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