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Postby kathyd » Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:09 am

Hi Everyone,
For some reason I missed the results of Cancel 327s poor experience with Dr Jason Cohen...(back in 2012).I just noticed in the "my posts" section of the site when I signed on recently.
I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you, and by now I hope you found someone better. Thank you so much anyway for posting and warning me about his group.
At that time I saw a few docs for blocks. Blocks weren't me for me either.
Dr. Deborah Coady in NYC was my obgyn pelvic pain at that time; she has since retired from practice, but is still involved in the pelvic pain arena.
I saw her partner Dr Dena Harris a few times; She had to pick up the slack of all Dr C's pelvic pain patients..She tried a few things with me, but it didn't help. She was down to earth and easy to talk to tho.
Since I live in NJ, I kept looking for a doc closer to home.
I found a PT in Morristown NJ, very close to home, who thankfully has been helpful to me, tho I still have a ways to go..
Her partner is a urologist, Dr Klell Youngren, (they work in the same office). He has been well trained in pelvic floor dysfunction (which I have) and is knowledgeable on pelvic pain diseases. On my first visit last year, he talked to me for an hour and re-entered my history. He cared!
We noted in the computer that there was not much info posted about my case, as I was just ushered on from doctor to doctor (in NJ) for the most part, which explains partly why my pain syndrome has gone so long. ( BTW this just pertained to NJ docs, not Dr's Harris or Dr C. who are caring docs.)
NYC is a trip for us and I am glad to have found this local PT and doc.
They are smart and caring, in case anyone who lives in North or North - Central NJ is interested. I can give you their contact info.
Have a good night!
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