Beware of Dr. Jordan!

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Beware of Dr. Jordan!

Postby david1992 » Thu May 04, 2017 2:11 pm

A saw Dr. Jordan recently with symptoms of constant intense penile pain primarily at the head and in the top of the urethra. He immediately diagnosed me with pudendal nerve entrapment with just a physical exam (didn't look at my MRIs at all and didn't suggest getting more advanced MRI to know for certain that the pudendal nerve was entrapped). I was getting physical therapy at the time, but it was unsuccessful after about 10 sessions in reducing my pain.

He highly suggested a nerve block and even claimed that there's a 30% chance it would cure the pain. He was highly regarded by my physical therapist, Stephanie Prendergast (who is also someone to be avoided in my opinion- another post on that later).

So I got the nerve block, which was supposed to be a combo of lidocaine and steroids. He ended up only injecting me with lidocaine which I only found out late (the block cost a ridiculous $5000, but I was desperate and Stephanie insisted that he was a great doctor and would take good care of me). He left my back side totally uncleaned from the procedure.

I had some momentary minimal pain relief, but within a few hours my pain came roaring back but now my entire penis was burning and my butt was burning and spasming, making it nearly impossible to sit for long.

I let him know and he dismissed my concerns, saying the extra pain would resolve in a few days.

It's been months since the block and I'm still having very high levels of pain.

Both he and Stephanie turned out to be total snakes and in my honest opinion are primarily interested in profiting off the suffering of chronic pain patients.

There's a lot more that went down with Dr. Jordan that I'd be open to sharing if you PM me.
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Re: Beware of Dr. Jordan!

Postby Jason8 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:28 am

I too had similar experience with Dr. Jordan. I will not recommend A2M from him to anyone. It took me few months to recover to the state before I took the nerve block. David, hope you are little better now.
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