Southern Nevada / Las Vegas Valley PN Support Group

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Southern Nevada / Las Vegas Valley PN Support Group

Postby HerMajesty » Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:25 am

To anyone in Southern Nevada,
We have been able to get enough people together in the Las Vegas Valley/ Southern Nevada to have a local, in-person support group. Anybody who is interested can PM me, and we can trade contact info to get you involved.
Hope to hear from you!
pelvic pain started 1985 age 14 interstitial cystitis. Refused medical care from age 17, did GREAT with self care for years.
2004 PN started gradually, disabled by 2009. Underlying cause SIJD & Tarlov cysts
improved with PT & meds: neurontin, valium, nortriptyline, propanolol. (off nortriptyline & propanolol now, yay!)
Tarlov cyst surgery with Dr. Frank Feigenbaum March 20, 2012.
Results have been excellent so far; but I won't know my final functional level for a couple of years.
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