Have I got PN symptoms

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Re: Have I got PN symptoms

Postby beverley » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:09 pm

1. Piriformis syndrome and PN can do together -- i have both
2. yes, you can have PN without entrapment
3. you have to be very careful sitting
4. There are many physical therapist in NYC that specialize in this -- Beyond Basics and Renew Physical Therapy. They do internal work to release the muscles that compress the nerves
5.Yes, people have been cured without surgery. Physical Therapy can really help -- start immediately! I am 95% better with just PT and injections
6. Botox might relax a muscle that is compressing the nerve -- so it doesnt rule out PN but can help
7. Get a prescription for neuropathic pain killers ASAP -- it will help you cope with this.
Don"t despair and find doctors who know what they are doing -- most dont.
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Re: Have I got PN symptoms

Postby helenlegs 11 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:59 pm

Hi Redz, and welcome :)
1.Yes, agree with beverley, as I too have PN and PS. I would say that my Piriformis is the first factor as this muscle is painful all of the time and gets worse with activity. I have numbness in the whole 'saddle area' and more so on the right hand side which is also the worst piriformis pain side for me. I still have shooting pain to the numb area and sometimes a 'foriegn object' sensation too.
2. Yes, and hopefully you do. Some say that a problem WITHOUT a trauma/accident/surgery/fall etc can be treated successfully with conservative treatments alone.
3. You can only try it, Even if you do have some worse symptoms initially, if you then stop sitting especially in your driving position I think this would rectify the problem as in I doubt you would have worse symptoms for long term. BTW I don't drive very far, nothing like you do of course but if I shift my leg position slightly (that's forwards then back a little and to both sides too) and adjust my seating/ leaning position quite a bit it does seem to help.
4. take a look on the home pages for this one.
5. Yes especially without some trauma cause (see above. 2)
6. Rule out pains? well it could mean that the piriformis has been the cause of the PN or PNE and the botox relaxed P muscle has then released it's hold of any adjacent nerve. Or any 'wind up' has calmed once the P muscle is less spasmed.
Hope this has helped.
Fall 2008. Misdiagnosed with lumber spine problem. MRN June 2010 indicated pudendal entrapment at Alcocks canal. Diagnosed with complex variant piriformis syndrome with sciatic, pudendal and gluteal entrapment's by Dr Filler 2010.Guided piriformis botox injection 2011 Bristol. 2013, Nerve conduction test positive; new spinal MRI scan negative, so diagnosed for the 4th time with pelvic nerve entrapment, now recognised as Sciatic, pudendal, PFCN and cluneal nerves at piriformis level.
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